Welcome the 2013-2014 Student Council

Congratulations to all our students who ran for student council this year! Student council representative candidates must apply for the position, create a poster, and present a speech to their class; student council officer candidates must apply with a letter of recommendation from a teacher, create and display two posters representing themselves, and make a speech to the entire student body. There were some close votes this year, including a couple classes that had to vote more than once!

Our student council team for this year is comprised of:

Grade 3 – John M and Kahina A
Grade 4 – Hallie G and Annabelle D
Grade 5 – Josie C and Jacoby L
Grade 6 – Natalie G
Grade 7 – Maddie J and Gavin D
Grade 8 Officers – Jordan M (President), Alex O (Vice President), Connor W (Secretary) and Leo C (Treasurer)

Congratulations to our newly elected council, and thank you to all the students who participated in this democratic process.