Eagle Strong!

Congratulations to Hope Lutheran School Cross Country Team for taking League Championship title for the second year in a row! Coach Sharman reported that Alex O. took first overall, Michael L. took third place overall, Reece M. took fourth place overall, and Leo C. was seventh in boys, however his result needs to be confirmed. Mikayla M. took third in girls.

Coach Sharman emailed her team with the below message last night:


Eagle STRONG!  Congrats Hope XC runners- EAGLE PRIDE indeed!
I left the meet this afternoon with mixed emotions; smiles, chills and teary eyes.  Our two eighth graders had epic finishes.  Yes, our EAGLES took home the title, but this was our last XC meet with Leo C. and Alex O.  They will be missed immensely next season.  Alex O. has been a top runner for four seasons and this was Leo’s first XC season, and he ended up finishing in the top 10 (overall) today. Wow!  Is it really possible to smile with tears?  I’ll send final results when I receive them.
What a great season of kicking asphalt; skinned knees, bloody noses, sore muscles, slick-muddy roads, side stitches, rain, wind, sunshine, hill training, knee pain, cool socks, stairs, planks, ice cream, candy relays, and 2.5 mile runs. Very fond memories indeed. Thank you RUNNER’S; you earned every mile and ran your hearts out.

I have a feeling many of these kids have a lifetime of running ahead and that makes me smile. I’m proud to be an Eagle Coach.

Coach Sharman