Great teamwork shown by Volleyball and Flag Football

Congratulations on a great season for the Eagles volleyball and flag football teams! Below, are some reflections on the season from their coaches.

Jen Rice – Volleyball

“Volleyball season ended in a bit of a whirlwind (one very full week!), but we would not have had it any other way because they played their best all season! We had 9 girls on the team this year and it was the first time playing for most of them (and first year coaching for me!). Not only did they have a lot of basic skills to learn, they also had to play as a team. In just two months they showed a complete transformation. These girls improved their skills (you would not know they had never played before), learned the game, had their confidence strengthened, formed bonds and friendships, and became leaders.

From day one this team was told that, even though there were six players on the court, they had to function as one in order to succeed. Even though we may have had more losses than wins, these girls learned to work as one and played some amazing volleyball against tough teams, and that is something they can be proud of. This is an amazing group of girls, and we had so much fun! I am so proud of them and how much they improved, not only as individuals, but as a team!”

Larry Marion – Flag Football

The Eagles finished the season 4-1 with wins against Shorewood Christian, Holy Trinity, Concordia Seattle and Concordia Tacoma. Their only loss was a 20-19 loss to Parkland.

In a message sent to the players and their parents, Coach Larry Marion said, “I am so proud of how all the boys practiced & played this season. A team doesn’t go 4-1 because of one particular person, effort or game. All of the players showed tremendous effort, dedication & sportsmanship during all of the practices and games. Each parent and player should be very, very proud of the team’s accomplishments. They came a long way since our first practice way back on September 4th.”


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