Special Day In Chapel

The seventh grade class, chapel band and Glee Club at Hope Lutheran School lead a special chapel service today using Mac Lucado’s book, You Are Special  to illustrate the point that God does not make mistakes.

The book tells the story of Punchinello, the wooden Wemmick who believes that he isn’t good enough because of what others say about him. You Are Special is a lovely story that reminds us that we are precious to God just the way we are. God loves us even though we make mistakes and have flaws. In front of their peers, the seventh grade students dramatized current situations that kids find themselves in where they are the recipients of positive or negative judgment (represented by “stars” or “black dots” in the book). By embracing the realization that God loves us whether we excel or make a mistake, the stars and dots don’t “stick” to us; they can’t hurt us or define who we are. God’s love of us alone is what matters.

The chapel band and Glee club, led by music specialist Thad Franklin and seventh grade teacher, Sara Kunkel, concluded the chapel service with a touching performance of “Beautiful Things” by Gungor. Below are some pictures from the service and video of “Beautiful Things.”


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