2nd Session of Math Camp!

7th grade teacher, Mrs. Kunkel, is offering a second session of MATH CAMP 2014!!! The students who attended the June camps learned some real-world Math and enjoyed themselves!!  Here are some comments she received:
“I want to be an architect when I grow up because of Math Camp.”

“I didn’t know Math Camp could be so fun.”

“I learned how to do Math that I can really use.”

For Math Camp, students get to PLAN THEIR OWN DREAM PARTY!!!

Camp Time will be from 10:00-11:00am each of the following days.

Day 1 (Thursday, August 7th) – They plan the room set up for the party.

Day 2 (Friday, August 8th) – Actually bake and decorate cupcakes for their guests in the kitchen – we convert a recipe using fractions.

Day 3 (Monday, August 11th) – Use computers to “shop” for their supplies for their dream party on a budget.

Day 4 (Tuesday, August 12th) – Have our own party to celebrate being Math Rock Stars.
This is a GREAT opportunity to help your child enjoy Math, get math brain cells firing before school starts and have a great time with other students working together as a team.

To register, either call the school office at 206-935-8500 or email Sara Kunkel at skunkel@hopeseattle.org. Click on registration form here: Summer 2014 MATH CAMP August