PTH Meeting Minutes – August 13, 2014

Hope Lutheran Minutes

August 13, 2014


In attendance: Julie Hartley, Sonjia Barker, Beth G., Meagan Slawson, Sarah Nicol, Sandra Hines, Wendy Jordan, Lori Ho, Carol Turner

Not in attendance:

Erika Cook and Kacie Christianson


  • Sarah – Treasurer report
  • Checking account balance $24, 367
  • Principal request: Sandra Scragg would teach for $1,000 per semester. Reading enchanted money – went back into the classrooms and families paid themselves. Sonjia seconds. Motion passes
  • Lori – Moves to fund drama elective for 2 semesters
  • Artist in residence program budget last year was $650 spent $574
  • Offer drama as an elective
  • Artist in residence suggested to happen after school. Lori will chair to help find this person (Margorie or some other previous teacher)
  • Sarah will check with an artist she knows with this idea
  • Julie will meet with Kristin O to review the PTH budget
  • Lori – Fun Run October 27th – PTH to decide how to spend the money. Carol – Moves to put $3,000 for the boy’s bathroom and remaining money for bus fund. Motion passes. Meagan seconds. Boys bathroom is over budget actually $13, 000 could fund $3,000 for the boy’s and the rest goes toward a “start the bus” fund.
  • Goal to raise $15,000 leaves $9,000 for Hope
  • Need to make $68 per student could be hardship to families with multiple kidsOrange ruler will supply some PR items: Emails/Envelopes/Orange bracelets/Daily drawings/Posters
  • Logos for facebook page/Website to see who is in first place etc and put on facebook page to create competition within classes
  • Hope school/church needs to push the sales (buy a tire or buy a part type of advertisement)
  • Need a quote on a 15 passenger van or short school bus – Beth
  • Fundraiser update: 2 per quarter1st quarter – sept/oct/novFun run2nd quarterWreaths3rd quarter4th quarter
  • Possible art walk
  • SLHS holiday greens
  • Believe 2nd week of school – Kacey
  • BBQ Update Grocery list – Costco delivery (Wendy)Beth – robo call parents as reminder of BBQ and need for volunteers. Par level and grocery list was decided upon – order will be placed with Costco and items delivered, Wendy will be there to receive the items
  • Spreadsheet with BBQ responsibilities will be forwarded
  • Shari – volunteer needs for BBQ in the Hope newsletter ASAP as refresher
  • Grills – looking to find them – Beth is working on this
  • FYI-DC fundraiser 9/26 Sonjia seconds. Bowling at West Seattle Bowl.
  • Meeting adjourns 8:10pm
  • Lori motions to adjourn