Cheerleading Tryouts

Wednesday, September 24th from 5pm-7pm and Thursday the 25th 5pm-6pm, PE instructor and cheerleading coach Sachia Barwick, will be hosting cheerleading tryouts for girls in 5th – 8th grade. The girls will learn three chants and two dances on Wednesday. Thursday the girls will return to perform the material for coach Barwick and two other judges. This will be a fun and exciting opportunity!

Girls who are interested in trying out will need to wear a t-shirt, shorts, and good tennis shoes. There is no cheer or dance experience required. Girls will begin with the basics at the beginning of the season and grow from there. After the team is decided upon there will be a parent meeting to discuss uniform cost, fundraising, and volunteer positions that may need to be filled.

“Cheerleading is a fun and active way to make new friends and create school spirit. My hopes for this team is to be at basketball games, school functions, and compete at LEST. I hope to create a team that is God centered, encouraging, and full of spirit! If you have any more questions about the details of tryouts please feel free to email me.” – Coach Barwick