Fun Run – October 27th!

Orange rulerTuesday Hope Lutheran school kicked off the 2014 Fun Run with a HUGE assembly put on by Orange Ruler, a fundraising organization created by Chris Eastwood and Alex Briele, focused on qualities such as working as a team, giving, being active and having fun. They provide a full-service solution for the school they are working with, from the kick-off assembly through the last donation collected. Many Hope staff couldn’t believe how excited the students were about the assembly and a Fun Run!

The full service approach which includes registering families, linking to social media sites, collecting funds and handling tax receipts and company matching benefits was one of the many reasons why Orange Ruler was selected to help raise funds to put towards new school busses. The financial goal….$15,000!


October 7th assembly

Students are pumped up, and having fun competing as classes for the coveted, Orange Ruler mascot! The class in the lead at the beginning of the day has the honor of hosting Orange Ruler in their classroom. He is quite the celebratory, often seen getting his picture taken with students and staff and being offered the “comfy” seat during class time. The daily prizes handed out at lunch from the random drawings at Orange Ruler headquarters is also cause for excitement around school. And, there are some big prizes up for grabs along the way, such as a FREE Dress Day and VIP Lunch with the Principal, $100 Amazon Gift card for the class teacher, a Jamba Juice Party, a pig race and beauty contest, and a Kona Ice Party!

How can you help?

It is very simple. Click here to donate to Hope Lutheran School. It is fast and simple. And, if you work for a company that will match funds, click the matching funds box and you will be emailed the form to turn into your company.

20141008_082127PTH President, Beth Grotelueschen and Principal, Kristen Okabayashi get their photo op.