LEST Results for 2015

Congratulations to our Hope students for their success at the 2015 Lutheran Elementary Schools Tournament (LEST) in Portland last weekend!


Service and Character

Hannah M, 8th grade – Champion of Character


Fine Arts

Tatyana G, 6th Grade – vocal blue ribbon

Hope Glee Club – vocal blue ribbon

Jack C, 6th Grade – piano blue ribbon

Josie C, 6th Grade – piano blue ribbon

Michael L, 7th Grade – piano blue ribbon

Drama “Cave Dreams” – Outstanding Performance

(awarded to top 3 play performances)



Ben O, 6th Grade -2nd place chess

David O, 6th Grade – 1st place chess (competed in 7th grade chess)

Natalie G, 7th Grade – 2nd place spelling

Olivia T, 5th Grade – Most Promising Writer

Kylie B, 7th Grade – Most Promising Writer



Girls Basketball – 3rd place finish, AA Division

Boys Basketball – 4th place finish, AA Division



Hope girls – 1st place finish 100 yard freestyle (Olivia T, Maddie G, Taylor G, Ellen L), 2nd place 100 yard medley (same swimmers)

Olivia T, 5th grade – 3rd place 100 yard IM

Lucas R, 6th grade – 3rd place 100 yard IM, 1st place 50 yard freestyle, 1st place 25 yard butterfly

Maddie G, 6th grade – 4th place 50 yard freestyle

Ellen L, 6th grade – 4th place 25 yard freestyle

Olivia T, 5th grade – 1st place 50 yard butterfly