Hope PTH Minutes for 2-25-15

Hope Lutheran Minutes for General PTH 2-25-15

Open 6:30pm

Principal’s Notes

Ms. O reviewed the LEST award winners

Noted that there was a photo board created by Sally H. of LEST participants and fans


Treasure’s Report

$31,000.00 in bank – needs to last until next auction

Net income of $6,000

Budget for loss of $13, 000 so doing really well


President’s report

Hope middle school dance 2-27-15 at SLU

Many other area schools invited

Plenty of chaperones, but volunteers are still needed for clean up


Artist in Residence

Pottery lessons for K-5th grades

4-28-15 items will be on display

Coordinating with West Seattle art walk so pottery in the commons can be seen – a way to get community involved

Marie Tornow & Nicole Pepper are leading this event

5th Avenue Theater will be here on May 6th at 2pm, also for K-5th grades


Volunteer opportunities with PIP hours attached

Teacher’s Appreciation is week of May 4-8

Grandparent’s Day 5-13


Outgoing PTH member positions are open so need volunteers for the following:





Next auction date is March 19, 2016

Theme is Roaring 20’s

We are trying to outsource, but will need volunteers for the auction


May 6 last general PTH meeting


Close 6:50pm