PTH General Assembly Meeting May 6, 2015

Board members in attendance: Carol Turner, Meagan Slawson, Sarah Nichol, Sandra Hines, Julie Hartley, Beth Grotelueschen, Sonjia Barker. Absent: Wendy Jordan, Kacie Christensen, Lori Ho


Kristen Okabayashi opened the meeting with prayer at 6:05 p.m.


Principal’s Report – Kristen Okabayashi

  1. Grandparents Day upcoming. We are going to try a format change with the Grandparents having light brunch in classrooms.
  2. Students Returned from Washington, DC – Ms. Kuhn added
  3. Upcoming calendar events
    1. Grandparents Day – May 13
    2. West Seattle Art Walk – May 14
    3. Hope’s Eagle Classic Golf Tournament – May 30


Board Member Introductions and Job Duties – Sonjia Barker

  • President – Supervise and direct all of the activities of the PTH to uphold the purpose of the PTH. Presides over meetings; serves as the primary contact to the principal and represent the PTH at meetings outside the organization.
  • Vice President – In the absence of the President or other office member, performs those duties.
  • Treasurer – Receives all funds, keeps an accurate record of receipts and expenditures. Presents written financial reports at every meeting and upon request.
  • Secretary – Keeps records of the organization, take and record minutes, book, bylaws, rules, and any other necessary documents, and brings them to the meeting.


All officer positions are generally for a two (2) year term and as an officer, receives 100% of their PIP for their service on the board.

  • Member-at-Large – Board member who does not hold an officer position. Generally attends the PTH board meetings and co-chairs a fundraiser. Members-at-large receive up to 50% of their PIP for their service on the board.
  • Faculty Liaison – Serves as a liaison between the teachers and the PTH board.


All board positions are vacating for the 2015-2016 school year.


Treasurer’s Report and Budget for 2015-2016 school year – Sarah Nicol

  1. Major sources of revenue for the 2014-2015 school year
    1. Fun Run – Bathrooms ran over, $5,000 earmarked for bus fund
    2. Pies
    3. Believe
    4. Middle School Dance
    5. Scrip
  2. Proposed Budget for 2015-2016 school year
    1. Add Teacher Classroom Enhancement fund of $400 for Technology Lab
    2. Increase Spanish K-8 classroom enhancement to $400
    3. Budgeted expenses for Fun Run will be earmarked for a purpose
    4. Rename “Spanish 7-8” to “Spanish K-8”
    5. Rename “Performing Arts>Drama” to “Performing Arts>Drama (Art Elective)”
    6. Rename “Performing Arts>Artist in Residence/Enrichment Prog.” To “5th Avenue Theatre”
    7. Rename “Fine Arts>Art Walks” to “Fine Arts>Art Walk/Artist in Residence”
    8. Rename “Reading/Enchanted Village” to “Year-End Reading Incentive”
    9. Reduce National Lutheran School Week from $500 to $100
    10. Rename “Technology (Computers)” to “School Technology Fees”
    11. Vote on approving next year’s budget as discussed and proposed – motions made, seconded, and approved.


Auction Update – Sarah Nicol

  • Need one or two volunteers to chair or co-chair THE most important fundraiser.
  • Preliminary planning completed so far:
  • Saturday, March 19, 2016
  • Roaring 20’s Theme
  • Seattle Lutheran Gym has been reserved
  • A sign up for sub-committees was sent around – received only one volunteer for a sub-committee chair, and one general help volunteer



President’s Report – Beth Grotelueschen

  • Recap of the Artist in Residence program – ceramics and clay sculptures fitting the theme “The Wonder of God’s Creation” which was an exciting program sponsored by PTH and had amazing results thanks to Mrs. Marie Tornow and Mrs. Nicole Pepper.



Box Tops and Labels for Education Report – Tom Lehmann

  • Proceeds to help fund Preschool needs
  • Be sure to check the expiration dates on the Box Tops



Scrip Report – Meagan Slawson

  • PTH purchases gift cards at discounted face value.
  • Gift cards may be purchased through the Scrip Program at face value.
  • The difference between face value and what PTH paid is the earnings
  • Recently received a large order from Seattle Lutheran H.S.



Officer Elections – Beth Grotelueschen


  • President – Sonjia Barker
  • Vice President – Wendy Jordan
  • Treasurer – VACANT
  • Secretary – Jennifer Martin (new to the board!)
  • Members-at-Large –
  • Jane Leonard (new!)
  • Heather Paar (new!)
  • Meagan Slawson (returning)
  • Sandra Hines (returning)
  • 2 other parents have indicated that they may be interested in a board position



Upcoming Events and Volunteer Opportunities:

    • Teacher Appreciation Week – May 4-8
    • Spring Book Fair – May 11-15 **need volunteers**
    • Grandparents Day – May 13 **need volunteers**
    • West Seattle Art Walk – May 14
    • Eagle Classic Golf Tournament – May 30th
      • 10% of proceeds will be donated to the Bus Fund
    • West Seattle Grand Parade July 18 ** need volunteers**
  • Back to School BBQ – Thursday, August 27 **need volunteers**




Meeting adjourned about 7 p.m. by Beth Grotelueschen.