Hope Students Bless Widows In Ghana

“Hope Students Bless Widows in Ghana” by Sara Kunkel, 8th grade teacher at Hope Lutheran School

As part of a Christmas Giving Project, I challenged my middle school Faith classes at Hope (6th – 8th grade) to bring in their own money to buy Goats for Widows in Ghana, West Africa. I have a friend there named Pastor Salifu. He has been sharing with me about the many women and widows that do not have a source of income because their husbands have died or abandoned them. Goats provide milk for the families and potential income to support them.

The students at Hope completely astounded me with their giving. They donated $1200.00 of their own money enabling them to purchase 25 goats for the women which were presented to them at a special ceremony in Ghana. What a huge impact this will make in the lives of these women and their community! The joy that I saw on the student’s faces as they gave genuinely towards something they knew would change a life was inspiring. I am so proud of our students!

I received an email from Pastor Salifu and here is what he had to say about the gift of goats:

“We are very grateful to Sara Kunkel for the wonderful gift she gave us to buy goats for needy women. The money came very fast and the goat committee was able to buy 25 goats. Since the women’s convention was coming we decided to buy the goats and present to them at the convention. It was a big surprise to almost everybody except myself and the goats’ committee. What a blessing these goats are to the needy women most of whom are widows who have no financial support.

Because Christmas was over, the prices of the goats came down a bit so we could buy 25 goats for 25 widows. In fact, three of the women are not widows but their husbands have abandoned them because they have refused to worship idols.

Please, once again, thank all the kids for us. Please, tell the children who gave the poor widows the goats that God will continue to bless them in all that they do.” – Pastor Salifu

Blessing 25 women who received goats
The women receive a blessing.
One goat for each woman to provide milk for the family.
Goats for Widows Ministry
women joyfully take their goats after the blessing
The women joyfully take their goats home after the blessing.