FEB: Garden Adventures, Pinterest Crafts, Letter W and X Cooking Project

I love researching on Pinterest for fun letter crafts, here was some of our favorites from online!


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The Preschool garden has been a big hit lately, here is some of our recent adventures! We filled water buckets and let the kids use paint brushes to ‘paint’ the sheds, musical instruments with kitchen cooking items, hop scotch with logs and the favorited sand/ mud pit! Some of our friends took a break laying in the sun or built with the pretend tool kits. Imagination is endless out here for the Sand Dollars!

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Our class loves exploring the units Mrs. Figgins does in her classroom. The first two photos they are playing in the Dentist office with each other.

The next several are other free time activities during the Sand Dollar Club.

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The next two images are from Our ‘X marks the spot’ unit. We traced X’s, added treasure and made hand print pirates! Our snack was X shaped cheese treasure veggie crackers that the kids designed,…with a little treat of pirates booty snack 🙂


Our class practiced writing the Letter W at the end of this month. We did W is for Walrus, World (He’s got the Whole World in His Hand’s Song at circle time) W is for Jonah and the WHALE, and on our final Friday W was for worm! We watched the Discovery Chanel’s children’s youtube video series about worms and read Diary of a Worm. Then, we made our own worm habitats… by baking! Rolling pins crushed our oreo dirt, and using team work the children stirred together their pudding mud by taking turns. Don’t forget the gummy worms!

17200561_10208012434819854_1752584351_o 17200677_10208012434979858_75095528_o 17176210_10208012434939857_887397584_o 17194068_10208012434699851_88652478_o 17200264_10208012434579848_1727006222_o 17193806_10208012434659850_2043811994_o17194118_10208012428099686_1683310469_o