PTH General Meeting Minutes for Oct. 4, 2017

2017-10-04 PTH Minutes_General

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Board Members in Attendance: Irina Anthony, Sonjia Barker, Heidi Coy, Lynn Imel, Kathryn Johnson, Mary Norton, Heather Paar, Jen Rice, Meagan Slawson

Welcome and Introductions

Principal’s Report – Mrs. Okabayashi (given by Sonjia Barker and Sally Heit)

  • Thank you to everyone who came
  • Thank you to Meagan and Lynn for their leadership of Fun Run, Sonjia for her overall PTH leadership, and Heather for Chinook Books leadership!
  • First month of school has gone smoothly
  • Good reviews from the new “Second Step” social and emotional skills curriculum from teachers and students so far.
    • Preventing bullying, conflict resolution skills
    • Focus on social media/global citizen? Yes, at Middle School level
  • Seattle Lutheran HS is showing the movie “Angst” Thursday night at 6:30 PM, a film about anxiety, it’s causes and effects, and what we can do about it. It’s intended for students age 12 and up and adults – you are welcome to attend.
  • Thanks for all the prayers and support for surgery tomorrow – much appreciated! Pray that everything goes smoothly and recovery goes well (it should!)

Treasurer’s Report

  • Review Budget for 2017-2018 school year – Kathryn Johnson
    • Majority of what is raised goes back to our students. $9500 went back to classes. It also goes toward community events and class parties. Very little is leftover at the end of the year.
      • Schoola – made $300 from clothing drive
      • Scrip cards – % of gift cards goes back to school
        • New coordinator – Sam Lunsford
        • Goal is to revamp the Scrip program this year
      • Boxtops for Educations – preschool benefits from these
        • New coordinator this year
      • Benefit Mobile – eScrip app. More info will be in the weekly envelope
    • Needs vary year-to-year. PTH and Teachers decide what to prioritize.
    • Auction helps fund the PTH budget for 2 years. Other events make up the rest.
    • Question about yearbook not in PTH budget. It is offered a class so it is under the school budget this year.
    • Question about need based scholarships for families. Not part of the PTH budget, it is part of the school/church budget. Hope has a financial aid program here (third party company) and they make recommendations to the committee.
    • Motion for budget approval. Seconded.
      • Budget for 2017-2018 approved.

FUNdraising for 2017-2018

  • Chinook Book Preliminary Results – Heather Paar
    • Chinook Books wrapped up last week. Net profit $3092.50 (plus 152.50 in cash donations).
      • 248 books sold, $3100 for school. Made $255 on app sales.
      • Sales were better this year compared to last
    • 22 books still out ($262.50). If returned, no cost to us.
    • May not sell next year. Mrs. Okabayashi will meet with Chinook Book to decide.
  • Fun Run – Meagan Slawson and Lynn Imel
    • Currently at 37% of our goal to raise $25,000. School has 57% participation.
    • $5000 will go back to PTH and all excess will go toward the new playground ($10,000)
    • Send out emails. Ask about matching donations.
    • Are reminders going home? Orange slip went home in Tuesday envelope
      • Goal is $125 per child to exceed our overall goal
      • Trying to maintain a balance between too many reminders and not enough
    • Preschool is included in the participation totals. Suggested to reformat that for next year.
      • It is difficult because most won’t even participate in the run since they aren’t at school.
    • What can be done now to help meet our goal?
      • Reply to class emails, encourage support
      • Reminders from teachers in their weekly newsletters
      • Facebook reminders
      • Talk to room parents
      • Remind students at lunch and chapel. Encourage a little friendly competition.
  • Hopecoming (see below)
  • Fall fundraiser thoughts/concerns
    • Fun Run, Chinook Books and Auction are pushed so we don’t have to sell “stuff”
    • Tough for back-to-back fundraisers right at the beginning of the school year
      • Chinook Books are early to get a head start before they appear in stores
      • Fun Run is early because of weather concerns and scheduling around other schools

Volunteer Opportunities

This year the focus for events is to build community: within our school, within our community

  • – Volunteer Management
    • Volunteer opportunities can be found on the school website:


      • PTH sends emails via SignUpGenius asking for volunteers
      • Teachers can send out reminders with the links as well
      • Parents can also contact PTH via email:
    • Fun Run – October 16th
    • Fall Family Frolic – October 28th Heidi Coy & Irina Anthony
      • At Seattle Lutheran HS gym, 4:30-7:30 PM
      • Bounce House donated
      • Looking for a volume deal on pumpkins
      • Other activities: decorate a pumpkin, cake walk, other games/crafts
      • Looking for volunteers to help run games and crafts
    • Treats for Troops – November 1st-3rd
      • Donate excess candy. Last year we donated 220 lbs. of candy to a dentist’s office who then donated $220 to PTH
    • Donuts with Dad – November 15th
  • Spring events
  • Family movie night (looking for sponsors)
  • Middle school dance
  • Room Parent suggestion
  • Which classrooms have room parents so far??
  • Have room parent meetings (monthly, quarterly)
  • Co-room parent to share the responsibility
  • Work as a subcommittee as PTH
  • Work with PTH for class projects and fundraising/community events
  • Set expectations, goals and structure



Hopecoming – An 80’s Gala

Andrew Mead and Joe Paar, Co-chair

  • Hopecoming is the theme for the “non” auction this year
    • Think 80s dance, party, prom, best dance you attended in high school. Good times with friends, food, dancing. “Living Together, Loving Together”
    • Yes, goal is to raise money for the school but, more importantly, is to build community; even throughout the planning stages.
      • What can our school community offer? Our local community? Sponsor? How can people get involved?


  • Goal is to get sponsorships (food, location, etc.) to offset costs and keep our costs to a minimum
    • Food trucks
    • DJ
  • Have a suggested donation for tickets so it is more available to everyone
    • Free admission for teachers
  • Invite alumni
    • Alumni database??
  • Contact business owners and feeder-preschools around town.
  • There will be fewer items for auction
    • Make a list of ideas to send out. Direct Asks.
    • Coordinate with room parents for donations and class baskets.
    • Principal for a day, unique experiences (dinner at homes, cabins), package interesting ideas
    • Sponsor PTH budget line items (classrooms, teacher wish lists, events, etc.)
  • Recruiting parents to help with Hopecoming (sign-up sheet passed around)
  • Launch event 1 month prior – keep building excitement
  • Next planning meeting is Wednesday, October 11 at 6 PM. Bring a friend!

Meeting adjourned. Don’t forget to log your PIP hours!

Next General Meeting is February 7 at 6 PM