#GiveHope Today!

Hope Giving Tuesday

How can you measure the value of an education at Hope Lutheran School? As teachers at Hope, we work hard to provide our students with curriculum and teaching that guides them to reach their potential with a firm foundation in Christ. We want our students to discover their passions and be prepared to flourish in the high school of their choice upon graduation.

Everyday we see evidence that we are making an impact. In one such instance, one of our new students this year described his developing relationship with Jesus in faith class, writing, “He is there for me when I don’t know what do do or when I’m scared. Jesus showed compassion for all and helped the poor, the sick and the outcasts, and wants us to do the same.” What is so amazing is that he is new to attending a Christian school, but he has certainly discovered what is at the heart of a Lutheran School! He is also a student who played team sports for his school for the very first time this year, and has discovered a love of football which he practices every day at recess. This same student described his experience with math, saying, “At the beginning of the year you could tell all the kids were like, worried or not interested in math… but (my teacher) makes everyone feel electric about math, she gives kids a way to rise to the work and you can see the class changing and I think everyone in my class has fallen in love with it, and that is inspiring!”

We inspire our kids; we challenge them to be better versions of themselves. This year, we have 240 young minds we are educating. As we continuously strive for excellence, we are also faced with the realization that the cost to educate each students is actually more than we charge in tuition. Yet, we must always remain focused on the positive impact we make on our students.

How can you help us impact students’ lives? We know you are being asked from all corners to support many worthy causes and hopefully we are one of those. Tuesday, November 27 is Giving Day, and we prayerfully ask that each family consider how they could help us in our mission to continue to provide an educational environment that is faith focused, student centered, and inspires excellence. Wouldn’t it be great if 100 families, friends, grandparents or neighbors were able to contribute to support our mission at Hope? Click on the link below to make one easy donation and impact the life of a student. Every amount helps, and our students thank you.