Inclement Weather Notice

Inclement Weather Message



While our weather this fall has been relatively mild, we want to remind families of our inclement weather and emergency procedures. If we make a decision to dismiss students early from school due to an urgent matter such as a power outage or other inclement or emergency weather event, we will do our best to notify families via the following communication methods:



Staff will remain on campus until all students are picked up.


If we do not feel it is safe to travel to school because of inclement weather, we will notify families of late start/no school information by 6:30 AM via the following communication methods:

  • Send out a School Reach message
  • Post information on our website homepage
  • Notify local TV stations (channels 4, 5, and 7)
  • Update our Facebook page
  • Notify the West Seattle Blog


Please call the office at (206) 935-8500 if you have any questions.