Hope to Home Learning – May 28, 2020

Parent’s Perspective: In the Stillness by Chesney Schmidt, mom to Ruby and Olive


We made it!!!!! Can you even believe it! The finish line is just an arm’s length away. 74 days ago did any of us think we would be where we are today, or even that the last two months and 2 weeks would have gone the way they did??? It’s certainly has been a roller coaster of so many emotions, so many PEAKS and so many VALLEYS, but the one thing that has remained tried and true through this is our Lord God!


Our quarantine started out more on an optimistic note. We were all home, safe and healthy; I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I spent that first weekend planning our daily schedules, we baked, we played, we laughed, I mean what could go wrong if I had a plan, right?


Well, wrong. After one short week my well thought out “plan” quickly backfired right in front of my face. The emotions were running on overdrive, not only from our daughters Ruby (4th grade) and Olive (Kindergarten) but for Andy and I as well. We felt like a stranded ship lost out on the stormy seas. How were we going to keep up with the school and work and all the day to day duties? The expectations were endless. Were my children going to fall behind, would Olive be where she needs to be as she approaches 1st grade, what would happen to Ruby’s mental state, she’s a LIGHT! I thought, I can’t let this affect them, not one bit!!! All the questions, all the unknowns. I would wake up every.single.night at 1:30am on the dot, my heart racing, my mind running laps, we couldn’t maintain this way, everything felt chaotic and completely out of control.


But then, I was reminded in the stillness that I was never in control in the first place, nor will I ever be. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I know what I have control over and what I don’t. I actually like to use this analogy: that God has stenciled out this beautiful scene for me (my life) but in fact it is up to me as to what colors I choose for this beautiful piece he has so graciously and thoughtfully curated. It was up to me to choose JOY in this moment and beyond. It is up to me to accept that I was completely powerless when it comes to this entire situation that we all find ourselves in and I can only control my own actions and my own reactions but to allow myself grace, and especially my two daughters grace as well.


At that moment I knew that Olive is just where she’s supposed to be. Her reading has sky rocketed since learning remotely and I am so blessed to have this extra time with my little love. Our relationship has blossomed more than ever and I have been given an opportunity to learn with her, and see it through her eyes, and learning so much more about her in this process. For that, I am so incredibly grateful. And Ruby, well there is no light as bright as our Ruby. She is a walking and talking reminder of God’s unconditional love and light. She is an incredible gift to our family. She has played such a pivotal part in keeping the laughter alive and game nights going strong around here. She is a daily reminder that with God’s direction and His unfailing love, we will persevere!


So as we watch this school year pass us by from our rearview mirrors, we will remember that this was just a snippet of time. Many blessings to each and every one of you.