PTH Meeting Minutes for 9/29/2020

PTH General Meeting

September 29, 2020 at 7:00 PM


Board in Attendance: Ashli Brown, Kathryn Danielson, Melanie Fukumoto, Chandra Hoover,

Heather Leaman, Mary Norton, Jen Rice

Absent: Tashena Shelland


Start: 7:04 PM


Opening Prayer – Mrs. Kristen Okabayashi


Introduction – Heather Leaman

  • Introduced current board members, teacher liaison

Principal’s Report – Kristen Okabayashi

  • Curriculum night was well attended
  • Thanks to Ashli & Heather & kids for assembling the goodie bags that went to each student
  • COVID protocols reminder was sent home
    • Uptick in testing (1 first week, 9 this week. adults and kids) as people are being extra cautious
    • Kids are keeping masks on during the day. All are doing very well with it.
  • Shari Wallace (Office Manager) is out with a broken knee. Rachel Couwenberg has been fills in on Wednesdays and is now covering the front desk more


SCRIP – Sonjia Barker

  • Slides attached to minutes


  • Purchase gift cards at full value and Hope receives a percentage.
    • Anyone can order Scrip through the office, app, or website
    • Use or the RaiseRight app
    • You can also order gift cards delivered to your house (for a small fee)
  • If you use Amazon, use and designate Hope Lutheran as your charity. Hope receives a percentage of purchases.
  • Hope School is having a contest from September 1 thru October 31. For every $20 purchase, you are entered to win a $50 Visa gift card



  • Last spring, Hope held its bi-annual auction before COVID. Total raised was just over $44,000
    • 2021-2022 is the next auction year
  • PTH not hosting as many fundraisers this year but looking at virtual options and possible in-person for the spring
    • Fundraising still needs to happen this year to maintain PTH’s budget
    • Ideas include a general ask and virtual fun run
    • Open to other ideas, large or small! Email with ideas.
    • East Coast trip also fundraises throughout the year but is currently on hold
  • This spring would have been the 2nd Annual Arts Walk but that has been postponed
  • Next year is Auction year so start thinking ahead and how to get involved now

PIP or Parent Involvement Program

  • Reduced hours this year but are still required. Hours for the first trimester are waived
  • Hours can be submitted to Shari
    • You earn 1 hour just for attending the General Meeting
    • Look for opportunities in Words of Hope
    • Purchase $200 of Scrip in a month and earn 1 hour of PIP

Room Parents

  • Room Parents serve as another form of communication between PTH and classes
  • If you would like to be a room parent rep for PTH, contact


Treasurer’s Report – Kathryn Danielson

  • Proposed 2020-2021 budget attached to minutes
  • Current budget is around $54,000 (Scrip $2000, Checking $52,600)
  • Budget Updates
  • There is a significant trim of line items including activities and some events (around half)
  • School absorbed many administrative expenses and basic operation costs previously covered by PTH
  • Remaining expenses still include community events, class funds, electives, etc
  • Move to approve budget as presented – MOTION PASSED
  • Sonjia B. motioned; Mary L. seconded



PTH Board Members

  • Member-at-Large: four spots; 1-year term; earn half PIP with participation
    • Voted to approve 2 open member-at-large positions
      • Approved Melanie Fukumoto and Chandra Hoover
    • Still 1 open member-at-large open
      • Patrice Lynds volunteered and was approved
  • Two positions will open next year as terms are up
    • Treasurer: 2-year term
    • Secretary: 2-year term


Next PTH General Meetings will be held in January and April/May (depending on East Coast trip)

  • PTH hosts 3 General Meetings per school year



Attached: Scrip presentation slides, 2020-2021 Proposed PTH Budget