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Important Dates:


1/27-2/1: Lutheran Schools Week

2/6: PTH meeting (7:00 pm)

2/13: Valentine’s Day party (10:00-10:45); noon dismiss (LEST/Mid-Winter Break)

2/14-2/19: No School (LEST/Mid-Winter Break)

3/11: No School (Trimester 2 Teacher Grading Day)

3/13: First Grade Leads Chapel

3/27: Talent Show (1:15 pm)

3/29: Noon Dismiss (Spring Break)

4/1-4/5: No School (Spring Break)

*Library Day is every Wednesday

*Free Dress Days are the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month


*Classroom Notes and News:


Reading Logs-January reading logs will be collected this Friday, Feb. 1st. Please make sure there is a parent signature at the top of the page. To meet the reading goal and receive a  prize, students must have at least 20 snowflakes colored in to show the number of times they have read 10-15 minutes to/with you at home.

Lutheran Schools Week- This week we will be taking a virtual online missions trip to Peru , with daily videos and activities. Be sure to ask your child about it! Like in previous years, we will also be making Blessing Bags (with food and hygiene items) for homeless people and bringing Good Neighbor baskets of goodies to our local businesses. We are asking families to please send in a dozen cookies/bars or hot drink packets on or before thisThursday, Jan. 31st. Homemade treats are preferred but store-bought ones will do in a pinch. We will be packaging them all together and delivering them on Friday to Bakery Nouveau (our favorite bakery, of course!) and also the Senior Center (they LOVE seeing our first graders each year!). Thank you in advance for your donations!


*What we are learning:


-Math: Numbers to 20 (which includes ordering, comparing, counting on, number patterns and place value)

Reading/Language Arts:

Essential Question:Why is it important to have rules?

Anchor text: The Bog Race        Paired selection:  Rules and Laws

Comprehension skills and strategies: cause and effect; conclusions; infer/predict

Phonics: long a (CVCe); soft c,g,dge; phograms -ake, -ace

Vocabulary: cactus, habitat, mainly, search, stems, howl

Sight words:four, over, two,five,starts,watch,into,three

Spelling: came, make, brave, late, gave, shape

Grammar:verbs and time (tenses)

Vocabulary strategies: shades of meaning

Fluency: expression

-Writing:  informative writing-animal report; focus trait: evidence

-Handwriting Focus: numbers 4 & 5 (working on phasing out any reversals!)

-Novel Read Aloud: Ramona’s World by Beverly Cleary

-Science: States of Matter (i.e. water/ice/snow/steam)

-Social StudiesBible/Faith: Peru (Lutheran Schools Online Mission Trip)