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Important Dates:


Nov.1-2-No school (Parent-Teacher Conferences)

Nov.12-No School (Veteran’s Day)

Nov.13-play at Seattle Children’s Theater (field trip 11:40-2:45)

Nov.16-Free Dress Day

Nov.21- noon dismiss (Thanksgiving Break)

Nov. 22-23-no school (Thanksgiving Break)


*Classroom Notes and News:


-Parent-Teacher Conferences: Today conference slips went home to indicate times for Parent-Teacher Conferences. We did not receive forms from a few families so if you would like to have a conference but did not return the form, please email me and we can fit something in. I have openings between 1:00-2:40 and 3:20-5:20 on Thursday, and lots of openings on Friday morning. The fall conferences are strongly encouraged and are a very valuable opportunity to talk about your child’s progress, strengths and challenges, both academically and socially. I look forward to sharing great things about your child!

-Class Dojo: Just a reminder to check Class Dojo regularly for messages from me, as well as to see notes and points awarded to your child for good behavior. There will also be pictures posted occasionally, especially if there is a special event at school.  The kids are excited to earn lots of prizes and privileges through the Class Dojo program. Most parents are connected at this point, which is great! Let me know if you are having any trouble downloading the app or seeing your child’s behavior report. It makes a big difference when kids know that you can see what struggles they may be having at school. Thanks for your support!

-Reading Log: Keep up the great work with having your child read the paper practice books at home each night (twice!).  If you combine that with reading to your child for another 10-15 minutes per day, don’t forget to have them color in a pumpkin on their October reading log. We will be passing out reading prizes to those who have a signed reading log and have at least 20 pumpkins colored.

-Field Trip to the Seattle Children’s Theater: Our field trip will be coming up in a few weeks so I thought I’d update you on our list of chaperones. We have lots of parents (and some siblings, too!) Here are the adults that I have reserved tickets for. Let me know if there are any changes that need to be made. We will be leaving at 11:40 and will be returning about 2:45.

Chaperones: Heather, Courtney,Meghan (+ Siena),Sharon,Rami,Jenny,Anna,Tashena,Regina,Christina (+Corbin),Wes, Trina, and Lisa

-Classroom request: We are having some trouble with kids bringing things in from home that are causing distractions or hurt feelings. Sometimes kids give away things to one or two friends, so please remind them that we should only give things to our friends when we are away from school or we have enough for everyone in the class. Thanks for your help in curbing this trend!


*What we are learning:


-Math: subtraction facts to 10; ways to subtract

Reading/Language Arts: What can you learn from story characters?

Comprehension: understanding story characters and message; summarize


Phonics: short a sound; double final consonants and ck

Spelling: an,bad,can,had,cat,ran,add,pass

Vocabulary: clang,fault,figure,jumbled,plenty,tossed

Sight words:away, every,call,come,hear,said

Grammar:complete sentences


Writing: Sentences that describe-elaboration

Bible/Faith: Abraham

-Second Step (Social/Emotional Health): Following directions; Self-Talk for learning

-Science: The nature of science-what questions do scientists ask?

-Novel Read Aloud: Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White