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Important Dates:


April 30th: Academic Fair (7:00 pm)

May 3rd: Free Dress Day

May 6th-10th: Teacher Appreciation Week

May 8th: PTH Meeting (7:00 pm)

May 17th: Free Dress Day

May 23rd: 11:30 am dismissal; Grandparents’ Day

May 24-27th: No School (Memorial Day)


*Library Day is every Wednesday

*Free Dress Days are the 1st and 3rd Fridays of every month


Class Notes and News:


Academic Fair: On April 30, we will be having our annual Academic Fair. This year, the school-wide theme is: All About Me. Hopefully your child has been working on the two at-home projects-the All About Me book (writing about their favorite things) and the ME collage (a collection of pictures that can be glued onto the letters M-E to showcase what your child likes or other things that make them special.) We also have projects that we are working on here at school to share with you at the Academic Fair. Please make sure your child works a little every night on the projects so they can showcase their very best work. All projects will be on display for other families in the class and school to see. Encourage your child to do neat writing (adding as much detail as possible!), careful coloring, neat cutting & pasting, etc. All projects are due no later than Tues. April 30th. Let me know if you have any questions. I can’t wait to see the finished products!

Unfinished Classwork/Homework: Please check your child’s daily folder each night for any unfinished work labeled “hw” for homework. This would be classwork that they need to spend a little more time on at home to complete. It can be returned at any time, but keeping up with it daily can help with not getting behind. Thanks for your help with this!

Drawing Paper/Sketchpads: If your child likes to draw, it would be super helpful to send them to school with a sketchpad. These are usually spiral-bound, with plain white paper and can be found at stores like Target or any office supply place. This is optional, but it will help cut down on the amount of white paper we go through at school, and it also makes a nice collection of pictures to add detail to or save as a keepsake.

Lunch in classrooms: This week, we will be eating our lunches in the classroom because the Fellowship Hall is being used to organize good for a Youth Group Rummage Sale. Sending forks/spoons is helpful so they don’t have to go downstairs to get one. Also, we can use the classroom microwave but we did have a bit of a line today so cold options like sandwiches are best when possible for the sake of time. Thanks!