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Mrs. Hartley’s 2nd Grade Class:


Important Dates:

Tues.9/24-PTH Meeting (6:30) & Curriculum Night (7:00)

Fri.9/27-Fall Olympics (1:00)

Tues.10/8- All School Picture Day

Wed. 10/30-Noon Dismissal (District Teachers Conference)

Thurs./Fri. 10/31-11/1- No School (District Teachers Conference)

Thurs./Fri.11/7-11/8- No School/Parent-Teacher Conferences


Notes & News:


We are off to a great start! All of the kids quickly transitioned to 2nd grade, ready and eager to learn! It was so helpful for them to already know the routines, procedures, and expectations and it has made the beginning of the school year run quite smoothly! Thanks to all for sending in school supplies and also monitoring so that extra items like toys and special art supplies are kept at home. It has made a big difference!

Daily Folders: You will notice that there is a side labeled Return to School and another labeled Keep at Home. Please check folders daily with your child and take out papers if needed. The plastic page protectors have reference sheets that can stay in the folder. Please have your child practice reading one sight word list daily until they are able to read it smoothly and correctly. A good target would be to have lists 1-4 mastered by the end of 1st Trimester on Nov. 27th. For the handwriting page, please remind your child of correct letter formation and have them trace with their finger or pencil eraser if they are forgetting how to make a letter. This year it will be especially important that capitals are only used for names and the beginning of sentences. As the year progresses, more reference sheets may be placed in the folders, so keep an eye out for anything new. As with last year, monthly reading logs and church/Sunday school attendance will also need to be marked.

Homework: Homework packets will be sent home every Monday and should be returned on Fridays. We will also start having spelling tests on Fridays starting next week, so the list will be included in the weekly packet. If you are finding that it is frustrating or overly time-consuming for your child to complete the homework, please let me know. I don’t want anyone to feel overwhelmed, and I know it is a big adjustment to second grade for some. I am happy to adjust the amount on an individual basis. On the flip side, I had several kids who finished it all on the first night and have been begging for more!

RAZ-Kids/Prodigy/XtraMath: Thanks to everyone who has already sent in $5 for classroom iPad apps. So far we have about half of the class and we will be able to continue using our reading and math programs as soon as our iPads are up and running (they are getting a software update so kids have not had access to them yet this year.) Your child has the same login information for RAZ-Kids, Prodigy and XtraMath, so feel free to have them practice at home in the meantime.

Parent Volunteers: A huge thank-you to Katie for volunteering to be our Head Room Parent this year! I am also so appreciative for all of the other parents that have signed up to help with class parties (thank you Tashena, Lisa, and Kwan!). We could use more parents to help with recess duty on Thursdays and Fridays (12:00-12:20) so please let me or Shari know if this is something you could do. Thanks to Brian and Kwan for helping out on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.