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Hope Lutheran School

Grade 2

Week of February 6, 2019


Welcome back after a long snow weekend!


With the number of children sick/absent last week and the snow days this week, we are using our time this week to finish up work that was interrupted.    In math, we will complete our unit on liquid measurement and begin work on length using meters and centimeters.  In literacy we will complete our unit working with nouns, sequence, and the spelling words from before.  Our test will be on Friday of this week.  Memory continues from last week as well.  There will be no new homework this week or next week.


Behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.   Matthew 28:20


Next week is a short week due to LEST (Lutheran Elementary Schools Tournament) in Portland.  This is a competition between many Lutheran schools in the northwest (and one from Nebraska this year, I’m told) in sports and academic contests for students in grades 5-8.  Many of our school families will be traveling down for this event.


In preparation for LEST, spirit days start tomorrow which highlight different dress days.  Please see the ‘Words of Hope’ or the school web site for details for each day.  Our color for tomorrow is orange.  If your student does not wish to participate, they need to wear regular uniform clothing.


Valentine’s Day and party

We will be having a Valentine’s Day party next Wednesday, February 13th.  You should receive information via email from the parents planning the party.  If your child plans to exchange valentines with other students, we request that all students be included.  Valentines will be exchanged Wednesday morning outside of the party time.  A class list in included in today’s envelope.


Looking ahead……..

On Friday, February 22nd, an artist/teacher/friend of mine will be coming in and leading the class in making a mural.  This is a messy project.  Please send paint clothing or have them wear uniform clothing that is okay if it gets dirty.  The paint does not always come out.


PIP opportunity

We could use a parent to stuff our Tuesday envelopes from now until the end of the year.  This can be done anytime on Tuesday afternoon.  Please contact me if you are interested.  It could be shared by a couple of parents.


A note from Mr. Franklin…………………


For the past few weeks, our K-5th grade music classes have been creating their own original electronic music songs. Hope School is excited to share these songs with you.

Mr. Franklin created these songs using the Korg Gadget app on an iPad. The app was projected onto the whiteboard so every student could see exactly how the music was being created. We then went around the room several times and each student was asked to select a note that belonged to the particular scale we were using. Students also chose the beats for kick drum, snare drum, and hi hats.

Mr. Franklin chose the tempos, synthesizer sounds, and effects. He also added/subtracted/changed some notes and beats to make the songs more coherent and flow more smoothly. The students were very engaged and excited to create their own songs. Each class repeatedly asked to listen to the other grades’ songs as well.

If possible, Mr. Franklin recommends listening to the music using nice headphones or speakers to get the full effect. There are some sounds that might not come through if you are using speakers on a phone, tablet, or computer. We hope everyone enjoys listening to these songs as much as each class enjoyed creating them.

Please visit to hear the songs K-5th grades create Visit for more information.