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Hope Lutheran School

Grade 2

Week of December 12, 2017



Christmas chapel

Our school chapel service this week will be on Friday.  We are leading a “lessons and carols” service.  You are welcome to attend at 8:40 am on Friday morning in the church sanctuary.


Class Party

Our class party will be Friday from about 10:10 am until 11:45 am.  Rami Messier/Peters is organizing the party.  Please contact her if you are interested in helping.  All parents are welcome at the party.


Seattle Children’s Theatre field trip

Our field trip to the Seattle Children’s Theatre to see “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” is this Thursday, December 14th.  We will leave school at 11:45 am and should return to school about 2:30 pm.  We will eat lunch early at school at 11:20 am.  Children who buy the school lunch will be able to have their regular hot lunch.  Because parking at the Seattle Center is unpredictable and expensive, we typically carpool.  I have the following parents scheduled to drive:  Danielson (5+adult), Marion (5+adult), Nicolaisen (4+2 adults), Thomassen (4+adult), Schmidt (3+ adult), Messier/Peters (3).  Adult chaperones attending but not driving:  Slawson, Briggs, Menashe, Duffus, Kunkel grandma. If you are not scheduled to drive and want to, you may and take only your own child but will not receive any parking money.  Thanks for your cooperation.



We are having problems with toys—or items used as toys—at school both in class and on the playground.  Please help us by not allowing your child to bring extra “things” to school including stuffed animals, little erasers that look like animals or other items, and anything else not directly related to school work.  If your child needs something for an after school activity, it needs to stay in their backpack until they are at the other activity.  Also, invitations and treats are only allowed at school if there is one for everyone and the teacher has given prior approval for them to be handed out.  Thank you for your cooperation.



School Schedule

Students are dismissed at noon on Friday for Christmas break.  Classes resume on Tuesday, January 2nd.  ESC is closed during the Christmas break.  I hope you all enjoy your Christmas and break from school!