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Hope Lutheran School

Grade 2

Week of April 23, 2019


Although this is a short week of school, we have a number of special events.  Thursday morning the students will be working on their project for the school art fair.  Hopefully you have received the email about that. Please send your child in or with a paint shirt if you wish. Thanks to Mindy and Linda for heading this up!  On Friday afternoon there is a special concert by students at Concordia Lutheran School in Tacoma.  They will be sharing music from a few of their groups with us.  Friday will also be the last day for Lilith who is moving.



This week we will be completing our short unit on Poppleton in Winter.  There will be no spelling this week.



Our new unit this week works with telling time.  We work with telling time to the hour, ½ hour, and 5 minute intervals before and after the hour.  Students also need to be able to tell whether an activity would take place in the am or pm (for example, soccer practice would be at 4pm not 4am).  They will be working with both digital and analog clocks.  You may want to help your child with reading analog clocks.  There is homework today for both this week and next week.



Stories this week are about Jesus’ resurrection on Easter and his appearance to the disciples after Easter and before His ascension into heaven.


Jesus said, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”  John 20:29


Museum of Flight field trip

Permission slips (along with $5) for the Museum of Flight field trip are due this Thursday, April 25thWe have rides for 6 students so far with a need for 11 more.  If you signed up to drive and take only your own child but could take a few more, it would be appreciated.  Also, if you have not yet returned a field trip slip and can drive, that would be appreciated as well.


Academic Fair

Our school Academic Fair is next Tuesday, April 30th from 7-8pm.  Projects are due at school by next Monday, April 29th.  They may be returned early if they are finished.  They will be displayed on each student’s desk during the evening.  Students are to be in their own classrooms from 7–7:30 and are free to visit other classrooms with their families (not run free) from 7:30–8:00pm.  I would recommend that you visit third grade and get a feel for next year.