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Hope Lutheran School

Grade 2

Week of January 15, 2019


Today the Seattle Science Center Van was at school with information, classes, and exhibits on space.  Our individual class was a trip to the portable “Planetarium” to see the stars.  We also enjoyed an assembly and time to explore different books and activities about space.  Thanks to the PTH for funding this for our school!



Our lessons this week are working with metric measurement.  We have read the weight of items with grams and kilograms, compared objects by mass, found the pattern and filled in numbers on different types of scales, and will be solving story problems also using the metric measurement.  Homework is enclosed today for those who have requested it.



Stories this week continue with Kings David and Solomon and the building of the temple.  Memory continues from last week—the words to our song for chapel on Wednesday.


Space Report/Project

In conjunction with the Science Center Van, students will be doing a space/planet report.  The instructions are going home in the envelope today.  We do have some books at school that I am checking out to the students if they wish to use them.  They need to be returned to me—not the library—when they are finished with them.  They may also use books/materials from home or the public library.  Students also need to do a picture or some sort of project to go with their report.  If they want a larger piece of paper, they can let me know, and I can get it for them. (I do not have poster board.) They can also make a model if they choose.  Please note that we are looking for pictures or projects done by the students.  Parents can supply ideas or supplies and ask questions to help guide your child, but we want your child to do the work.  Please see the instructions in today’s envelope for further information.


Book orders (GZV4G)

January book orders are enclosed in the yellow envelope today.  Paper orders with a check made out to

“Scholastic Books” should be returned to school by next Wednesday, January 23rd.  Online orders can be made by midnight, January 23rd with a credit card payment.  Online orders are eligible for a free book ($5 or less) with a minimum order of $25.  Use the code “Reads” in the proper box.  This cannot be done at school or with paper orders.



Wednesday morning our class will lead chapel.  You are welcome to join us in the sanctuary—seats are in the back or in the short pews on the side of the church.


Moms and Muffins

Wednesday morning you can join other moms (or special people) and students in the Commons for a muffin.  Doors open at 8:00.  Students should return to their classrooms by 8:25am.