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Coming Up

    • 7/13  West Seattle Streetfair – Hope Booth
    • 7/20  WS Grand Parade – Hope Bus/Cheer
    • 8/27  Back to School BBQ – 5:00 p.m.
    • 9/3    First Day of School 2019-20

June 19, 2019

Report cards are finished, classroom clean up is in progress and I’m taking down random pieces of student art. It’s quiet inside and sunny outside and I’m ready for summer, but also thinking about highlights from the school year. This class was a fun group (they all are) and I’m nervous about the next group (I always am) until they are here and I learn who each unique person is in fourth grade.

The kids they were last year on the playground as third grade students will have changed over the summer. Friendships may have grown or dissolved. Some students may have moved on to different schools or will be new to Hope. All will be ready for the structure and familiarity of school again, even those who say ‘I wish it was still summer!’

Summer is a time to recharge, reflect, and rest. It can also be fun and crazy and the opposite of routine for many families. School is where we are pushed to change and grow. Change is difficult for many people, but it is usually a positive thing, and I feel Hope is a positive, loving community in which to change.

I pray you all have a summer full of fun times, some moments quiet reflection, and the chance to get really bored and ready for the work of school again in September. It’s time to start our 60 days of summer – Go Eagles!

In Christ,

Ms. Lucy Kuhn