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Coming Up

    • 10/21-11/6  PTH Food Drive
    • 11/7-8          Parent/Teacher Conferences
    • 11/11             Veterans’ Day

November 5, 2019

November is upon us and with it the return to standard time (which I am currently adjusting to by going to bed super early) and our state/local elections (today). With parent teacher conferences followed by a Monday holiday and then Thanksgiving it seems like November is one big party with just a few ‘real’ school days.

Of course we will still fit in as much learning as possible and enjoy our chances to build relationships this month. We also have many opportunities to serve others both in school and in our communities. Many of our learning materials have service and community as themes this month. As we wrap up our food drive tomorrow and bring offering to benefit a student in another country I give thanks for all the resources and good people I have in my life.


May God continue to bless us all richly.


In Christ,

Ms. Lucy Kuhn