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Coming Up

    • 6/1-5          At Home Learning Week 11!
    • 6/1-3          Student-Teacher Year End Interviews
    • 6/5             Last Day of School/Last Class Zoom
    • 6/9-6/12    Hope Handover (Sign Up for a Time)

May 28, 2020

We have nearly made it to the finish line! We won’t walk across. We will run strong to the end and then jog it out through the summer and start with fresh legs and fresh brains in the fall.

I will hold student-teacher Zoom interviews on June 1-3 to close out the year. I am looking forward hearing about each student’s perspective of the online learning experience, and just a final visit with each one. The following week we will have our “Hope Handover” time to return/pick up materials. If you haven’t signed up, please visit the Sign Up Genius link to schedule your appointment time.

As our school year ends we are reflecting about our distance learning experience and will fine tune it for next year if needed. I pray that we will be back in the classroom together here at Hope in September, but we will also continue to use new methods of learning that worked from home to improve our in-class learning at all grade levels.

In Christ,

Ms. Lucy Kuhn