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Fifth Grade 2020-2021

Due to Covid-19, no items will be shared so students must have all supplies listed for personal use.


3 spiral notebooks – non perforated – wide ruled  or one multi-subject spiral notebook

1 ruler – 1 side metric

1 graphing journal-GRAPH paper only for math

1 eraser

1 pkg colored pencils

3-4 glue sticks

1 scissor

1 large box of tissues

24 high quality #2 pencils – Ticonderoga brand

4 black sharpie markers--2 fine, 2 regular

1 packet of post-it-notes

Head phones compatible with an iPad

1 container of hand sanitizer for personal use.  There will be plenty of hand sanitizer throughout the school and in the classrooms.

1 roll of paper towels

1 containers Clorox wipes–if you are able to find them.

1 P.E. uniform–REQUIRED: purchased through Lands End school site or through the office