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Happy Tuesday (but kind of like Thursday) All!

I hope you and your students are enjoying the abbreviated school week this week.
As a reminder, tomorrow is a 1/2 day and there is no school Thursday or Friday.
In today’s Tuesday envelope, a few pretty important things went home:
1) Parent-Teacher conference forms.  Parent teacher conferences are a very important part of our relationship between School and Home, and we love to meet with you guys to discuss the successes and struggles your students are having so far in the year.  In middle school, we meet with as many teachers as you’d like, so if you’d like us all there, it could be all 3 middle school teachers + Ms. Clark (for history and PE) and parents all in one room at one time 🙂  We do that because we have so many conferences that it just wouldn’t work to do an individual conference with each teacher you’d like to meet with.  On the form that went home, please select your top 3 times you’d like to meet and then all the teachers you’d like to meet with and we’ll make it happen.  We almost always can accommodate all #1 time requests, but sometimes have to slide to the #2 time, so the sooner you get your form in the quicker we can get you signed up for a preferred slot.  These will be held Wed-Fri, November 1st-3rd (so the middle-schoolers don’t have school the day after Halloween, which will be a blessing for all parties involved 😉 )
2) The HOPE Handbook went home to all families, along with a directory for our new families.  These are very helpful for you guys to be informed about the policies and practices of our school, along with the public contact information for each family, if you need that for some reason.
3) An athletic sweatshirt order form is going home for those students who are participating in a sport.  If your student is planning on participating in a sport this year at all (or is already participating) they love to order a sweatshirt with their name on it to show them as an awesome athlete of Hope.
4) A Fall Frolic form to sign up for Hope’s annual fall festival held the weekend before Halloween.
5) A few other things that went home to be looked at and acted on accordingly but I am not going to explain.
I believe that is all I have for today.  Thanks for all you do on a daily basis with your students.
In Christ,

Tim Allen