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Hello all!

We are in the home stretch of the calendar year, and I hope we’re all able to hold on for a few more days of school 😀
As you hopefully know, tomorrow is Ugly Sweater/Sweatshirt day, Thursday is hats, headbands and antlers, then Friday is all out Christmas day for our party!
A few schedule things to talk about real quick: Chapel this week is actually on Friday morning, as we always start the last day before Christmas break with chapel 🙂  Tomorrow morning, instead of Chapel, we will be hanging out with our 2nd grade reading buddies playing math games!
In Today’s Tuesday envelope, there are a few very important pieces of information going home. 1) Report cards!  Us teachers have worked hard to have a comprehensive report complete with a Progress Report (grades, gpa, days of attendance) and a Narrative report (a general write-up about the core classes, and then a very specific student write-up from each teacher about how your student is doing in our individual classes).  Please read through it with your student and then sign/return the outside envelope it came home in (no need to return the report itself, please keep that for you).  2) a year end PIP statement is going home to let you know where you stand with that at this point in the year.
In regards to Friday’s Christmas party, here is the breakdown for what we want to do:
1) Chapel 8:35-9:15
2) White Elephant Gift Exchange (gift reminder under $10) 9:15-10:30
3) Snacks/treats 10:30-?
4) Christmas Movie 10:30-?
5) Go home! 12:00
If any parents/students want to volunteer to bring in any chrisatmas cookies, candy-canes, drinks, other treats (popcorn, fruit, chips, etc.) please let me know so we can have at least enough for the class 🙂  Any parents who want to come hang out with us and help deal with the craziness that is that 1/2 day and get some PIP hours, feel free to let me know and come on in!
I think that is all for today!
In Christ,
Tim Allen