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Hello all!

A few important things in Tuesday envelopes!
1) Midterm reports: these are a snapshot of where your student stands right now in their core classes.  There are obviously still 6 and a half weeks until we reach the end of the trimester, so there is a lot of time to help these grades be as great as possible.  If you and your student are checking schoology consistently, these grades should come as no surprise to you or them, either 🙂  Please detach the bottom portion and return by next Monday, the 21st.
2) A sign-up sheet for Parent-Teacher conferences is also going home.  For middle school, since there are multiple teachers, please select each teacher you would like present at the meeting, and we will coordinate the schedule accordingly so we are able to all meet with you at the same time, as requested.  We have a lot of parents to meet with (74 middle school students) so they are long days for us (and also why we have the additional day on Wednesday for us as well).  Please return that form by Tuesday, October 22nd.
If I neglected to mention this already, I apologize, but 6th grade is leading chapel Tomorrow, October 16th, and our topic is “Joyful Partners”, where we will be sharing with the school different people who have been awesome examples of Christ-like love to us as students and people. As always, feel free to come join us in the sanctuary from 8:40-9:15 or so as we share that!
I do not believe I have anything else for today, but please check through all the other things in the Tuesday Envelope as well to see if I am forgetting anything!
Thanks all,
Tim Allen