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Hello all!

I hope this note finds you well and that you were able to have a restful and healing weekend.
A few big things for Today’s Tuesday mailing:
If I didn’t mention it before (I might have neglected to do so…I can’t remember) we had a visit from the Pacific Science Center van today at school, and they brought us many things with the topic Outer Space to look at and explore.  The students went over to West Seattle Christian’s gym (normally where PE is held) and entered into a portable Planetarium that they are able to bring, and were able to see many different constellations and how they travel through the night sky, along with zoom through space to see some different planets up close and finally our galaxy.  It was a super cool opportunity to see (we get them to come over other year) so they’ll have them back with another topic as 8th graders.
For the Tuesday Envelope:
You will find a copy of your student’s ITBS scores from the standardized tests taken back in October.  You will find a letter explaining the results, along with the results that your student achieved on that particular set of tests.  We like these because they give us a generalized snapshot of where generally each student is at (and we also realize there are many different mitigating factors that could have affected these results), so we take a look at them and are looking for big discrepancies between years or subjects so as to best help each individual student.
Next, you’ll also fine a re-enrollment form for the 2019-2020 (woah…a new decade…!!) school year.  We love your kids and want to keep helping them be the best versions of themselves they can be 🙂
As a reminder, there is no school this coming Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so don’t send them 🙂
I believe that is all I have for now,
In Christ,
Tim Allen