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Good Morning all,

Can you believe it?  We’re so close to the end of the year!
If you did not see the announcement sent out by the school last week on Thursday, there has been a change to the end of the year schedule.  Here is that announcement:
“Typically the last day of school for K-8 families is a short day, running from 8:30 to 10:00 AM only.  On the day before that, the class wraps up end-of-year events, such as class parties, cleaning out desks, turning in iPads and textbooks, etc. On the last day of school, during a normal (non-pandemic) year we have a long end of year chapel with a message and various honors and awards for students, followed by 8th grade graduation practice and students getting last minute yearbook signings from other classes.

This year, our end of year chapel service will not include awards, we will not be able to go to other classes for yearbooks signings, and 8th grade graduation practice is happening the night before since 8th grade is still in the hybrid model. Combined with COVID screenings in the morning and the continued risk of exposure to COVID and parents needing to transport children for a very short day, we realize the benefit of this year’s last day of school is very limited. As a result, we have made the decision to cancel the last day of school on June 8, 2021.

Extended care will be open a full day 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM on June 8, 2021 for families that need childcare that day. You may sign up as usual on our website. Preschool classes will not be affected by this change and will have the usual school day.
We apologize for the lateness of sharing this information and hope it is not an inconvenience. If you have any questions, please let us know in the school office at (206) 935-8500.

Thank you!
The School Office”

Thank you for understanding!
Two more big things for today: Finals schedule for tomorrow and Friday!
Thursday, June 3rd: Math and Science (and history presentations)
Friday, June 4th: Math and Literacy (and history presentations)
Second, on Monday, June 7th before our class party, we need the following things turned in from EACH student:
1) Ipad, unlocked (no passcode), fully charged and connected to Hope’s Wifi
2) Ipad case handed out at beginning of year
3) Ipad charger
4) Ipad Keyboard
5) Any books borrowed from Literacy
6) Any books borrowed from Environmental Science
7) Any other school issued devices/books/etc. that I’m forgetting about!
We will use Monday morning to clean out the bins the students were given, they’ll help deep clean the classroom, organize, generally get the room ready for summer, then we will head out at 11:30ish for the party.  We definitely have enough drivers and chaperones, so if you signed up to drive, please be at the school Masked Up at 11:30 to head down.  
As a reminder, students will be in charge of bringing their own lunch (preferably sack and all able to be disposed of at the beach).  I will purchase some individually wrapped treats/drinks for the students to enjoy.  If you have any fun lawn games, please send them along for that day.  I also plan on having a fun scavenger hunt for them to complete while we are there.  The weather is looking
OK, nothing like today unfortunately, but at least hopefully there won’t be any sunburns!  I will discuss with the students on Friday about the possibility of swimming, and what that would entail.  I know there are students who would swim even if it was snowing, so I’ll discuss that with them on Friday.  
I believe that is all I have for today, so enjoy the sun, get outside, but don’t forget the sunscreen and water!
In Christ, 

Tim Allen