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Hello all!

We are looking forward to meeting with you all over the next few days to continue partnering together to help your students achieve their highest potential.
In the same vein, in today’s Tuesday envelope, there is one main important piece that is going home: a summary of your student’s results from the MAP testing we did earlier in the year!  We get these back almost instantly (so much faster than the Iowa tests we used to do 😀 ).  There is also a letter that went home from the office that does a good job of explaining a little bit more about this testing process, what the results actually show you, and where we will go from here.  We will talk about this info a bit at your PTC in the next few days, and also just about any questions/concerns you have and/or anything we’ve been seeing that are both positives and things to continue to work on 🙂
Remember, as we go through these, we only have 20 minutes for each conference, as we need to meet with many families, and so we’ll need to stay on task and try to wrap up on time!
There are some other things in the Tuesday Envelope that are important: multiple things relating to the auction, picture retake form (hopefully pictures will be here next Tuesday, so they can go home in time for you to decide about retakes.   A calendar went home for the NEST lunch month with the wrong school’s name on top, but rest assured the food is all the same 🙂
Other than that, enjoy the time off with your kids!
In Christ,
Tim Allen