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Good Morning all ūüôā

As you may have seen yesterday in the Words of Hope newsletter from the office, Parent Teacher Conferences are coming up in two weeks, Thursday November 5th and Friday November 6th.¬† We are switching things up this year, with only the student’s homeroom teacher meeting with the parents in middle school, because we are not physically capable of meeting with all 75 families in middle school in two days ūüôā¬† We are also switching to an online sign-up system that will streamline the process.¬† I will link it below for you, now.
(This is just my booking site; if you have students in other classes, navigate there on the left side menu to the other teachers’ pages.)
(If you received an email from me yesterday with a separate¬†link/day, please use yesterday’s¬†and disregard the one here in this email.)
School pictures were sent home yesterday with Hybrid Group A, and I anticipate they will be sent home with Hybrid B NEXT week, not tomorrow.¬† (I could be wrong about that, but seeing as their pictures were a week later, that’s my guess).
We have made a slight schedule change to Parent Teacher conference week for the students.  The last few years there has been no school on Wednesday because we were doing those group conferences with each family.  This year, since students are at home and learning virtually with specialists only on Wednesday, they will have a REGULAR WEDNESDAY SCHEDULE on Wednesday, November 4th, instead of a no school day.
Finally, there are two ‘fall themed spirit days’ next week, one for each Hybrid group.¬† The days are as follows:

Monday Oct 26 will be a Fall Harvest themed accessory spirit day. Students  can wear fall themed headbands, funny glasses, socks, tights, and jewelry, for example.
Friday Oct 30 will be a Fall Harvest themed t-shirt and sweatshirt day. Think of pumpkins, fall colors, that type of thing.
We are not allowing students to wear Halloween costumes to school, as usual, on these days.
I believe that is all I have for now.  Thank you to those of you who have returned the Midterm Reports from last week.  If you have not, please do so if possible (or at least send me an email letting me know you received it).
In Christ,
Tim Allen