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WOH Pic for 1-10-17Cranes, Goats and Chickens by Sara Kunkel, Middle School Teacher

Our middle school students at Hope are full of love and want to make a difference in the world.  It inspires me every day.  During Faith class, we offer several opportunities for students to share their love through various service projects.

Earlier in the year, we learned about an inspiring middle school girl here in West Seattle who is battling brain cancer – Awesome Avery.  We prayed for her and the idea organically came out of our prayers to make origami cranes for her.  There is a Japanese proverb that says that if you make 1,000 cranes for someone, the recipient of the cranes can make a wish.  Our students made 2,000 origami cranes, which are not easy to make.  Our students shared hope and love with Awesome Avery.  Please continue to keep her in your prayers as she fights against cancer. 

Avery had surgery last week to remove her brain tumor and miraculously they were able to remove 100% of it! She is doing amazingly well and we are thankful!)

Before Christmas, I challenged all of the middle school students to give of their own money to buy goats and chickens through World Vision for families in need in other countries.  Our Hope students showed up every day with portions of their savings and allowance, sharing with me that they were planning to spend the money on themselves but thought better of that and would rather make a difference in the world.  Our students raised $930.  One member of our church was so inspired by their generosity that $400 of the money was matched.  They will be able to buy 13 Goats and 26 Chickens to love people across the world.  WOW!!

I teach middle school because middle school kids are THE BEST!!  Our students want to make a difference in the world, in their communities.  I am grateful for the opportunity to walk along side these students as they spread their love.