Jennifer Neafcy
Jennifer Neafcy
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Mrs. Neafcy’s Newsletter

February 4, 2020

What are we learning this week?

Religion – Jesus Turns Water into Wine

Literacy – Books Dear Mr. Blueberry and What Is Science, blend phonemes, middle sound, pause for punctuation, science words, questions, main idea and details

Letters/Sounds– short i, blending words with short i

Words to Know – is, of, many, how, so, where

Writing – Opinion Writing

Math – Comparing Sets up to 20

Second Step – Handling Waiting

Science – Animals Preview

Social Studies – Kind Words and Actions


Upcoming Events

  • Thursday, February 6 – Class Color Wars – Kindergarten wears rainbow
  • Friday, February 7 – Wacky Tacky Day
  • Monday, February 10 – Pajama Day
  • Tuesday, February 11 – Hawaiian/Tropical Day
  • Wednesday, February 11 – Blue and Gold Day
  • Wednesday, February 12 – Noon Dismiss/ESC Open – LEST/Mid-Winter Break
  • Thursday and Friday, February 13-14 – No School/ESC Open – LEST/Mid-Winter Break
  • Monday and Tuesday, February 17-18 – No School/No ESC – President’s Day/Mid-Winter Break
  • Thursday, February 20 – 100th Day of School – Bring in a collection of 100 small items
  • Friday, February 21 – Free Dress
  • Saturday, March 7 – Hope School Auction

Thank you for all of your help and support for National Lutheran Schools Week. On Friday, we delivered our baskets to Holy Rosary and to West Seattle Christian Church. They were both very appreciative of the baskets and the treats!

Sight Words – Until now, our literacy curriculum has been introducing one or two sight words a unit with every 5th unit a review unit of the sight words. Beginning with our next literacy unit, our curriculum will introduce six new sight words each week. I will have the sight words listed below each week. It can be a little overwhelming at first. Suggestions for reinforcing sight words at home include making flash cards, reading and writing the sight words, and identifying sight words while reading.

Valentine’s Day Party – We have had to make a change to the time for our Valentine’s Day Party. A pep rally for LEST has been scheduled for 11:00 on Wednesday, February 12. We will still have our party, but we will need to move it from 10:00-10:45. Parents are welcome to join us for the party. We will be eating snacks and passing out valentines. I have already heard that some of the children will not be in school that Wednesday. If you will not be here, your child may bring valentines earlier in the week, and I will make sure that they get passed out during the party.

Hope Auction – Our biannual school auction is coming up on Saturday, March 7. Each class assembles a basket to be auctioned off. The Kindergarten basket is a Lego themed basket. We are looking for donations of Lego kits and for money to be applied toward the purchase of Lego Land tickets. Items for the auction are due to school by this Friday, February 7. Thank you to Karelisa King for organizing this project and for setting up the Sign-Up Genius. You can follow the link to donate. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Homework Change – Homework packets went home yesterday. These packets are designed to practice and extend what we are learning in class. They may be brought back to school as your child finished the packet, but they are due by next Monday. Please let me know if you have any questions.

100th Day of School – Barring any snow days, the 100th day of school should be on Thursday, February 20. We have been diligently counting the school days and will celebrate on February 20 with many 100th Day activities. On that day, your child may bring in a collection of 100 small items. We will sort and count them.

Spirit Days – Spirit days begin on Thursday. Except for Friday, which is already a free dress day, if your child does not want to participate in the dress-up days, then he or she will need to wear a school uniform. On Thursday, since our assigned color for the color wars is rainbow, my suggestion is to wear items with rainbows or wear as many colors as you can.


In Christ,

Jennifer Neafcy



Grounded in Faith – Matthew 7:24-27

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