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Welcome all Hope Lutheran artists to our new school year!  Our new tables and stools are ready to start us off on a year of creativity, imagination, and lots of “thinking outside the box”.  All classes will begin with a personal representation of themselves to embrace their individuality!   Some students will create a Self Portrait drawing, where personalities will shine through in a work of art.  Others will use their names to create an image that uses the Elements and Principles of Art in unusual and interesting ways.

I am also introducing ‘WHAT DO YOU SEE?”, where students entering the art room will notice a work of art on the board.  (It will change every week).  We will have a short discussion about the visual imagery of the art piece.  I will lead with thought provoking questions about the Elements of Art & Principles of Design, feelings about the piece, and ideas about which techniques the artist used.  I am hoping to bring out the “language of visual art” in these discussions and open their minds to exploring and understanding a variety of works of art.

If you would be willing to recycle your newspapers into the art room, we will use them to protect our new tables when we get messy!!

The art display by the office represents projects that were completed at the end of last school year.  Watch for current displays as the weeks progress.