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February 2019

For the past few weeks, our K-5th grade music classes have been creating their own original electronic music songs. Hope School is excited to share these songs with you.
Mr. Franklin created these songs using the Korg Gadget app on an iPad. The app was projected onto the whiteboard so every student could see exactly how the music was being created. We then went around the room several times and each student was asked to select a note that belonged to the particular scale we were using. Students also chose the beats for kick drum, snare drum, and hi hats.
Mr. Franklin chose the tempos, synthesizer sounds, and effects. He also added/subtracted/changed some notes and beats to make the songs more coherent and flow more smoothly. The students were very engaged and excited to create their own songs. Each class repeatedly asked to listen to the other grades’ songs as well.

Click here to listen to the songs!

5th grade learning all about Recorders.