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We have used technology more this year than in any previous and have become very dependent on it. It has been amazing to see how the teachers have adapted to using new technologies and still making it fun and engaging for the students. This has not been without pitfalls and on behalf of the teachers I want to thank all of the parents and students for their patience and understanding.

A lonely computer lab

Unfortunately because of Covid protocols, we have not been using the computer lab this year. I have missed the opportunity of seeing the students working with the Lego robots, and interacting with the 3D printers. This will change as we are in a position to do so.

This year I have focused on teaching the students the basics of coding, a skill I think everyone should be exposed to. We have of course seen some students really excel and others have sound it a bit harder. I have been very impressed with the students at Hope, even when they have found it difficult they have persevered.

The 5 – 7th grades have been working group projects and this great to show the students that it takes many different skills to bring a technology project to life.

Screen time concerns

I’m sure all of you are worried about the amount of screen time that your kids are having, if this is becoming an issue for your child, please reach out to me and let’s see if we can come up with a solution.


I will try to post information here more frequently if things change or there are issues to address.


Here is a link to the stylus that we have found to work well. (These only work on the 6th Gen and newer iPads, and not on the iPad Air)


If you have any technology related questions or you student is having tech issues please reach out to me so that I can help.




Roger Davenport

Technology Director