Christina Figgins
Christina Figgins
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Sea Star Newsletter
January 28 – February 1, 2019

Thank you for coming to the 8:00am service to sing! The kids did an awesome job! It was a very special moment listening to the whole congregation sing “Jesus Loves Me” along with the kids. 

This week is Lutheran School Week, and there are many fun things planned, but we need your help. Our school is thankful for our community and our class has chosen two local neighbors to thank. Can you help us by donating muffins, chocolate, cookies, tea, cocoa, gift cards…anything we can put in our “Good Neighbor Basket” to deliver. We will deliver to our wonderful neighbor, Larry, who lives on the other side of the fence. He always throws the balls back that we accidentally kick over the fence. Each year we visit him with a basket and he is often brought to tears. The other basket is for Seattle Lutheran High School. We have a big connection with them as well. There is overlap with teachers’ children at each other’s schools and this sense of community is a true blessing!
Mon/Tues Class – please bring goodies by Tuesday
Wed-Fri Class – please bring goodies by Thursday

Each class will also get the opportunity to make “Blessing Bags.” These are bags that the kids will assemble that will be full of food items. There will be a little discussion time to teach the kids what these bags are for, and say a prayer that these bags will help others. You can keep the bag in your car and if you and your child see a person in need, you can offer the bag, and pray for that person.

AND, we celebrate the color BLUE this week! Please encourage your child to wear blue and they can bring a blue show and tell item.
Mon/Tues – Tuesday
Wed-Fri – Thursday

Important Dates:
Snack: Bouma Family – Tues, Jan 28 & 29
VanDeWalle – Wed – Fri, Jan 30 – Feb 1
Shining Star – Jack – Tuesday, Jan 29 (actual 6/25)

**Be sure to re-enroll!!
On January 28, 2019 we will begin processing new applications from the community. If you have any questions about re-enrollment, please email or call the school office or admissions director at




Christina Figgins