Christina Figgins
Christina Figgins
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Sea Star Newsletter
December 9th – 13th, 2019

For the next two weeks we will celebrate the birth of baby Jesus. There is a stable with animals and baby Jesus, in Bethlehem. We will act out the story of how Mary and Joseph went to many Inn’s and there were no rooms. The only place for Mary to have the baby was in a stable with the animals. In the center near Bethlehem there is a baby care station. The babies need to be fed, changed and played with.
The room is also sprinkled with fun Christmas decorations.

This week we will celebrate GREEN, on Tuesday and Thursday. Your child can wear green and bring a green and/or triangular object. Hmmmm…Christmas trees are triangular. 

We also have a new science table set up. This is our new “things that smell” table. I have set out a few things like: Christmas tree cutting, lavender, rosemary, empty spice containers…I’d love it if you and your child brought in more “smelly” things – hopefully pleasant smells. LOL!

Our Christmas Program is this Friday, December 13th at 6:30. Please drop your child off in our preschool classroom at 6:00pm. Then go and get a seat in the church. Seats fill up quick! Then, after the performance, we will exit the church and go back to the classroom, where you can come and get your child. Please make sure I know you have your child – for safety! And be sure to get your child a well deserved cookie! ***REMEMBER OUR CLASS IS RESPONSIBL FOR PROVIDING JUICE BOXES – NO DARK JUICE! THANKS!

Snack: Kopecky Family – Mon/Tues, Dec 9th/10th
Allen Family – Wed – Fri, Dec 11th – 13th

Important Dates:
Christmas Parties: Mon/Tues class – Tuesday, Dec 17th at 10:00am
Wed-Fri class – Friday, Dec 20th at 10:00am
Thank you for volunteering to help out with this!

**Thanks also for donating to the Giving Tree Family!! The donations are due to me by Monday, Dec 9th.



Christina Figgins