Christina Figgins
Christina Figgins
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September 17 – 21, 2018

Last week we explored the world that God has created. We talked about how everything was once filled with darkness. God created lights in the world – the sun, moon and stars. He is also our light when the world gets dark!
The kids came up with a list of the many things God created and the things we are thankful for:
• Everything
• Stuffies
• The playground
• The sun
• The earth
• Moon
• Food
• People
• Toys

This week we will learn about Noah and the Ark. We’ll have some fun with boats and animals. And we’ll use a big boat that the kids can ride in and put animals in. We will also play with Pirate Ships, so we will use the ships to talk about how Noah collected all the animals and we’ll see where they go with it from there. 
We’ll also talk about the importance of rainbows. The rainbow is God’s way of telling us that everything is ok. Amen! We’ll act like scientists and make our own rainbow rice too.
It is so fun to chat and play with your kids and each day. I am reminded how thankful I am for my job!!

Important info and dates:
Snack: Loeppky Family: Mon &Tues, Sept 17th & 18th
M. Menashe Family: Wed – Fri, Sept 19th – 21st


Chapel: Chapel will be held this Tuesday. All three preschool classes share this time together to congregate in the church, sing songs and talk about how much God loves us. We focus on “the Fruits of the Spirit.” We also often have a special visitor named “Zippy.” Ask your kids if they’ve met Zippy. 






Christina Figgins