Christina Figgins
Christina Figgins
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Sea Star Newsletter

March 29th – April 2nd, 2021

Good evening!

Sorry for the delay in getting this to you. I’ve been busy rolling out the Summer Camp info, answering questions about it, and tweeking the website a bit.
BUT, the Sea Stars had an awesome day checking out the new themes. There is a flower shop, Dinosaur Explore center, and the Home Living Center is full of Easter eggs, bunnies and ducks galore. It was hard to pull the kids away from play, and boy were their imaginations soaring! I was a little worried that they would struggle letting go of the Transportation unit, but they were all in!
We have been learning a few new songs lately, in case you have heard bits and pieces at home. I taught them one of my favorite songs, “Father I Adore You…” And we learned sign language to the song as well. It’s really a beautiful song and the kids wanted to sing and sign it over and over. WARM FUZZY!!
The Sea Turtles sang a special Palm Sunday song for us outside, from across the fence, “Ho Ho Ho Hosanna..” Super fun song. Our class wanted to learn it too!
This week we are focusing on Easter. Tomorrow we will learn about Resurrection Eggs. Each egg is filled with a symbol that tells the story of what happened to Jesus. I keep it light. 🙂 The kids get to help me open the eggs and explore them using their senses – look, touch and smell.
We have already been using crayons and watercolors to decorate paper Easter eggs to decorate the room.
We will make and bake “empty tomb rolls.”
And this week our letter is “W.”
Thursday, April 1st – Fenwick is the Shining Star
Friday – Our Preschool class is open normal hours (7:30am-5:30pm)
April 5th – 9th SCHOOL IS CLOSED for Spring Break
Phew! Fun and busy week.


Christina Figgins