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February 22-26

Hello Sea Turtle Families,

I hope that you all enjoyed yourselves during the snowstorm and got a chance to get out and play! So much fun! The time off was productive and relaxing. Our daughter had a few days off from her college classes, so she came home and spent time with us. Was a treat for mom and dad! 😊

The next two weeks we are going to be exploring music in more depth than our usual Music Mondays. Music is huge in my family and I look forward to sharing the joy it can bring. The classroom is currently set up with an authentic drum kit, shakers, xylophones, clappers, and other instruments. Throughout the next two weeks, I will be bringing in our keyboard, an acoustic, electric and 12 string guitar, an ukulele, and a bass. I am looking forward to seeing which instruments the kids enjoy the most! If any of you have or play an instrument that you might want to share, please let me know. Maybe we could set up either a zoom call or even a small performance/show-and-tell outside somewhere. I am particularly interested in finding someone who plays a brass, woodwind or string instrument (besides guitar).


Here are some of the activities we will explore this week:

Theme: Music

Letter of the Week: “q/qu” as in “Queenie Quail”

Sensory: Orbies

Science: Music instruments; sounds and how to create different sounds

Dramatic Play: Dance

Art: Ribbon twirlers; shakers; drawing to music (feelings)

Literacy: Rhyming snow people; rhyming books; books on music and composers

Mathematics: Nesting boxes & how sounds can differ.

Faith: Lent

Blocks: Mr. potato head and music games

Outdoors: Bikes, climber, garden & gym


Housekeeping Items:

 *2/25 – Scholastic Book Orders Due

*Dear Families,

I have one online order in so far and believe another one will be entered soon.

You can choose to have your Scholastic books shipped to your home or delivered to me at school with our class order. If you order them to school, then I can use some of the points you have helped our class earn and receive free shipping for free items for our classroom library! 😊

With a $25 order, you can pick a FREE $5 Book (use code: READS).

Shop Our Class Page:

Please share the Class Page link to extended family and friends. All orders also earn FREE Books for our class.

Thank you for your support!

Class Code: TXMLK


Looking forward to seeing the Sea Turtles tomorrow,

Mrs. Shelver