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Here is the latest “Buzzzzz” on the Sea Turtle Classroom. We are a busy bunch!

Hello Sea Turtle Families,

Our garden is beginning to sprout! Over the last couple of weeks, we have been planting a variety of
vegetables outside in the preschool garden. The carrots and beans are beginning to grow and the lettuce
is getting bigger. We are having fun watering and taking care of them. We hope to eat some for snack
one day in the near future. YUM!!!

Coming this Thursday – We will be celebrating Ms. Dea’s Shining Star Day! Thank you for being the
awesome you! <3

Here are some of the activities we will explore this week:
Theme: Bees (hives, pollination, honey)
Sensory: Water
Science: Planting
Dramatic Play: Bee hive (boxes)
Art: Honeycombs, bees, flower parts
Literacy: Fiction & non-fiction bee/flower books
Mathematics: Ordinal Numbers – First, Second, Third….
Faith: Friendship/Working Together
Blocks: Train table
Outdoors: Bikes, climber, gym and garden – plant flowers/veggies