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Hello Families. I hope you had an enjoyable long weekend. Christi and I are excited to get this week started. We will continue studying backyard wild animals this week, focusing on squirrels and their habits. We will also continue learning about the positions of objects in relation to each other. Examples include over, under, besides, in front of, behind and so on.


Beginning Tuesday, the Sea Turtles will be introduced to the first of the lower case letters and their corresponding sounds. This week will be “a” and the kids will be learning it’s short sound, as in the beginning of the word “alligator”. We will incorporate the sound in many different activities. For example, we may sing “Johnny Appleseed” for our prayer, read the book “Caps for Sale” and play a corresponding game.


Snack family this week: the Santo Family

We have Luca’s Shining Star/Birthday down for 11/14.


Lastly, Hope Lutheran School is having an Open House tomorrow night for those families in our community that are interested in taking a look at our school. It will begin at 6:30 pm. If you know of any families that may be interested, please feel free to let them know of this event.


Have a great week and we look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.