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Orange Ruler Facebook CoverAnnual Fun Run!

Current Chair: Meagan Slawson and Corie Broga

Date: October 17, 2016





Dear Parents,


Thank you for the incredible job you did in supporting our school

through the big Fall Fundraiser, the Orange Ruler Fun Run!


It was a tremendous success and we raised over $23,304 for our

school! Our children and school will benefit greatly from these funds

as they will be used specifically for enhancing education with

Technology, Fine Arts, Robotics and Outdoor play.


Not only did we raise these important funds but the overall Orange

Ruler Program was a very positive and fun experience for our

children, school and community. Throughout the past couple weeks, the

consistent encouraging messages for our children to believe in

themselves, work as a team and stay active made a big impact. It was

also rewarding to see so many parents at the Fun Run itself out

cheering on the children and their teams.


We want to thank you again – it was great to see our whole school and

community come together for this important cause.



Hope Lutheran School & The Orange Ruler Team

This event is sponsored by the Hope PTH.

WOH Pic 10-20-15

Top earning class, 8th grade, 2015