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Students at Hope Lutheran school will learn the Elements of Art and Principles of Design, starting with the basic concepts (color, line, shape, texture, space) and progress into more complex techniques and principles (contrast, balance, rhythm, emphasis, composition, dimension) as they enter new grades.  They will explore the Visual Arts through drawing, painting, sculpture, collage and printmaking.

Students will be introduced to a variety of art forms and techniques while learning about specific artists and genres and periods of art history, both classic and contemporary. Mrs. Manuta will interrelate math, science, history and literacy into many lessons and encourages students to “think outside the box” as they bring their individual ideas and personalities into everything they create!


Drama is an integral part of education; it aids children in language and communication, problem-solving, creativity, and teamwork. Drama also enhances empathy and social awareness, as well as self-concept. At Hope Lutheran School, we offer a comprehensive drama program that fosters all these elements, and we have tremendous fun while doing so!

The first part of the school year in drama is dedicated to getting ready for the Lutheran Elementary School Tournament (LEST) held at Concordia University in Portland for grades 5 through 8. Part of the competition is dedicated to drama with typically 12 to 16 schools participating. We are pleased to offer an award-winning program beginning with auditions in October and rehearsals right up to competition time in February.

In April, Hope’s after-school drama club begins and is open to children in grades 4 through 8. Each year we offer a different theme, whether it is Ancient Greece, Shakespeare, or comedy. The weekly two-hour program is built around that theme to include learning creative drama (improvisation, mime, skits), stage fighting (hits and naps, sword-fighting, falling) and putting on a play. The program culminates in an evening performance for family and friends that showcases every aspect of what was learned.

Hope also offers an enrichment program based on drama sponsored by the Parents and Teachers of Hope (PTH). Through our partnership with The 5th Ave Theatre, they bring us Adventure Musical Theater which engages students through storytelling, song, and dance. The productions are created by local composers and writers and are designed to include standards-based educational content. Study guides come with the package so that our teachers can incorporate the various themes of each year’s musical into their day-to-day curriculum.


Hope School’s music program brings the experience and excitement of music to our students from preschool through grade 8. Our program is designed to help children develop a lifelong love of music. Each child is encouraged and given numerous opportunities to sing and learn musical instruments in order to make music with others. At Hope School we know your child is special, and our music curriculum provides students with opportunities for increasing confidence and expression. Students recognize and explore how sounds are manipulated, sing songs from memory, learn to read musical notation, and learn active listening, analysis, and evaluation. As they participate fully in God’s diverse and global society, our children learn to understand their own historical and cultural roots as well as those of others.

Click here to listen to the songs that K-5 grade students created using the Korg Gadget app on the iPad!

Physical Education

Hope School offers quality physical education (PE) to all students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Kindergarten through fourth grade has two 45-minute classes per week, while the fifth through eighth grade has three 45-minute classes. Classes cover a wide variety of units as well as include time to work on fitness through fun games and activities. Our goal is to make PE fun for students and also help educate them about the importance of keeping the body fit and healthy, along with learning basic sports games and rules. Hope also offers alternative PE, during which students go on field trips and participate in rock climbing, bowling, and ice skating. Students in fifth through eighth grade participate in health class during the second quarter and cover five to six units during that time.