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Welcome to Hope Lutheran’s Parents and Teachers of Hope (PTH)!

Hope Lutheran’s PTH is a Christian organization whose mission is to provide and support activities which enhance the spiritual, social and academic experience of our students, families and educators.

The PTH meetings are an excellent way to get updated on school activities, learn about PTH programs, meet other Hope families, receive relevant information on current parent education topics, provide input on school related issues and have fun.  We strive to create an atmosphere where teachers, administrators, and support staff can do their best work – and so can our children.

Meetings are open to all Hope parents and staff, complimentary childcare* is provided and PIP hours are earned. We look forward to meeting you!

Join us at this year’s PTH Meetings:

Tuesday, September 24th at 6:30 pm: Prior to Academic Night, meet in the Sanctuary for a 30 min. meeting to review the year ahead. *No child care provided at this meeting.
Tuesday, January 14th at 7:00 pm: Middle School Dance, Teacher Appreciation, Auction and/or a possible parent education
Tuesday, May 12th at 7:00 pm 2019-2020 year in review.  What did we do well this year and how can we improve next year.

PTH meeting minutes are published on the school website and will be sent out in the school newsletter.


Current PTH News can be found on our blog.

PTH Events for 2019-2020 (subject to change)

August / September February
8/27  Welcome Back Ice Cream Social and Meet your teacher 6:30-7:30 PM 02/04  Auction Planning 6:30 (PIP)
9/3 – Back to School breakfast and Boohoo/Yahoo Social – 8:15-8:40 am Chapel following 02/11  Auction Planning 6:30 (PIP)

9/24  PTH General Meeting (PIP)6:30-7:00

Curriculum Night 7:00-8:30 pm

02/13-18 LEST/Mid-Winter Break
9/30-Soaring Eagle Fun Run Fundraising Starts 02/25  Auction Planning 6:30 (PIP)

See all those Auction Planning meetings?

Attending meetings and helping with the auction should cover all your PIP Hours! Tuesday’s at 6:30!

Volunteering at the Middle School Dance next month is a really fun way to earn PIP!!
October March
10/01  Auction Kick Off 6:30 (PIP) 03/03  Auction Planning Final 6:30 (PIP)
10/04  Fun Run 1:30 (PIP) 03/06  Middle School Dance (PIP)
10/08  Auction Planning 6:30 (PIP) 03/07 Auction!! (PIP)
10/15  Auction Planning 6:30 (PIP)  
10/18 Family Dance (PIP) Did you know that If you are an active Room Parent and you attend PTH meetings, and help with one PTH event -you will probably cover all your PIP hours?! Two parents per class is best!
10/22  Auction Planning 6:30 (PIP)
10/29  Auction Planning 6:30 (PIP)
November April
11/05  Auction Planning 6:30 (PIP) 04/22 Muffins in the Morning/Donuts at Drop off 8:00 am (PIP)
11/12  Auction Planning 6:30 (PIP)

Did you know that executive level PTH officers get 100% of their PIP for the Year and

Members at large get 50%?

Board Meetings are once per month on Wednesdays at 6:30pm.

11/19  Auction Planning 6:30 (PIP)
11/26  Auction Planning 6:30 (PIP)
December May/June
12/03  Auction Planning 6:30 (PIP) 05/03 Teacher Appreciation Door Decoration Sunday (PIP)

12/10  Christmas Concert Grades 1-5

Student/Family Pictures (PIP)

05/04-08 Teacher Appreciation Week (PIP)
12/13  Christmas Concert Grades Preschool and Kindergarten   Student/Family Pictures (PIP)

05/12 – Final PTH General Meeting  (PIP)


12/17  Sounds of Winter Concert Student/Family Pictures (PIP) 06/11  Last Day of School – 10:30 Dismissal
January PIP Notes
01/07  Auction Planning 6:30 (PIP)

You have to turn in PIP Hours to get credit!! 

To record PIP visit:  or fill out paper form in the office.

To sign up for activities and events that earn PIP in visit: and search

01/14  PTH General Meeting 2  (PIP)
01/21  Auction Planning 6:30 (PIP)
01/28  Auction Planning 6:30 (PIP)


PTH Handbook

PTH Handbook 2019-2020 (1)

2019-20 Hope Lutheran School PTH Board Members

Heather Leaman, President

Ashli Brown, Vice President

Kathryn Johnson, Treasurer

Jennifer Rice, Secretary

Tashena Shelland, Member at Large

Vacant, Member at Large

Vacant, Member at Large

Vacant, Member at Large

Mrs. Mary Norton, Faculty Liaison:

PTH Board Email Address: