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Hope 60th Anniversary Auction – Diamonds • Dazzle • Donate!

March 7, 2020

The auction is our largest fundraiser!  We welcome any all help with this big event in everything from set up to decorations to procurement. And, it is also a great way to accumulate your PIP hours for the year. Please contact the PTH President Heather Leaman, to find out more information about this event:

Auction Invite and RSVP:

HLS_Invitation_60th Auction HLS_RSVP

HLS_RSVP (Print)

Buy Tickets:

Auction Forms:

Procurement _ Donation request

Sponsorship and Advertisment request

Read the latest news about the auction here!

You received the gorgeous Save The Date…the sparkly invitation is almost to your inbox…the momentum is building…it’s almost here!! The 60th Anniversary Auction is only 36 days away!

Auction News Letter vol. 1 – Updated January 20, 2020

Auction Newsletter Vol 2

Auction Newsletter Vol 3

Auction Newsletter Vol 7

Auction Meeting Dates:


02/04  Auction Planning 6:30 (PIP)
02/11  Auction Planning 6:30 (PIP)
02/13-18 LEST/Mid-Winter Break
02/25  Auction Planning 6:30 (PIP)
03/03  Auction Planning Final 6:30 (PIP)
03/07 Auction!! (PIP)