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Soaring Eagle Fun Run – October 4 @ 1:30 pm

This year we will begin our fundraising with the Soaring Eagle Fun Run.

The Soaring Eagle Fun Run is a PTH budget fundraiser to replace the Orange Ruler fun run fundraiser. Our goal is to self-produce the fun run so that we retain all funds collected minus credit card processing fees.  Parents will ask for donations from family and friends via our RSA software or via the school website. Donations would be purchased as “ribbons” i.e.: Yellow Ribbon = $20.00, Blue Ribbon = $25.00 and so on up to $100.00.

Classes will be updated on their progress daily by the Eagle mascot   The class in daily first place will also host a large inflatable eagle in the classroom. Prizes will be awarded to the three classed which raise the most funds.

We are also planning the 60th Anniversary Auction, Fall Family Dance, Middle School Dance, and other events.  Volunteering at these and other events can count towards you PIP hours. Look for information in your weekly envelopes, emails from Room Parents and at PTH meetings.