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How to make a Famous Person Book
Keep the template for the body. You will use it to attach the paper, hands, head, shoes, and clothes.

Materials: Yarn, paper, glue, scissors, paint, crayons, markers, etc.
1. Design, draw, and cut out head, shoes, and hands.
2. Attach to the model.
3. Add clothing, hair, and other items to make the model look like the person.
4. Staple 5 half sheets of notebook paper to the middle of the model. (See the direction page for help)

Written paper
The 5 pages must have information on each. Use correct spelling, punctuation, and complete sentences.
Page 1: State the name of the person
Page 2: Write3-4 sentences that tell when and where the person was born.
Page3: Write 3-4 sentences that tell about the person education and work experiences.
Page 4: Write 3-4 sentences that tell how the person became famous and what they did.
Page 5: write 2-3 sentences that tell what you can learn from this person.

Helpful Hints: You can write this in print, or cursive. You could also print out on computer. Just make sure the 5 pages fit in the middle of the person. I have some examples of finished products in the classroom.

Be ready to present your person. Practice reading your pages.
Due: February 9, 2016