At Hope Lutheran School, we believe that there are many different layers of educating a child. For students to engage fully in learning, they first need to feel safe, secure, and cared for. One of our core values is relationships, and we value building strong connections between teachers and students and students and their peers, to help them establish trust with staff and with each other.

We believe that God created us in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, giving us unique talents, gifts, and abilities. We work hard to challenge each student wherever they currently are in their academic learning, with opportunities for advanced work or resource support if needed. We offer small guided reading groups during literacy to help students reach their highest potential. After lengthy research, in fall 2012 our school adopted “Math in Focus” curriculum, based on Singapore math, which challenges all students in their math abilities. In fall 2013, we updated our science curriculum to include more hands-on inquiry-based learning with the implementation of Full Option Science System kits (FOSS) for middle school students and in 2016 for students in grades K-5. A new history curriculum, History Alive, was implemented in Fall 2014, and all subjects are iPad compatible. The most recent change for Fall 2018 was to our literacy curriculum when we adopted Journeys, a comprehensive K-5 literacy curriculum that has many components and addresses comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and decoding, using a variety of resources.

Core subjects at Hope School include math, literacy, history, religion, and science, with specialists teaching technology, physical education, and music to all grades. Our small class sizes (an average student to teacher ratio of 18:1) ensure each child’s unique needs are met in a caring yet rigorous environment.