PTH (Parent and Teachers of Hope)

The Purpose of PTH:

The PTH:

  • Provides and supports activities which enhance the spiritual, social and academic experience of our students, families and educators.
  • Provides support to the teachers, staff, and school board, both through volunteerism and financially.
  • Serves as the primary fundraising entity of Hope Lutheran School by which an annual budget is created and adhered to.
  • PTH has an executive board of officers, who are elected by the general PTH assembly. The Executive Board meets monthly and works with the principal, school administration, faculty and various sub-committees to oversee and direct the activities of the PTH.

Current PTH Board:

  • The PTH Board 2023-2024
  • Melanie Fukumoto, President
  • Heather Leaman, Vice President
  • Drew DeVry, Treasurer
  • Lebryna Ishii, Secretary
  • Lisa Averiett, Member at Large
  • Amy Loftis, Member at Large
  • Meghan Kaul, Member at Large
  • Marc Papineau, Member at Large
  • Mary Norton, Faculty Liaison:
  • PTH Board Email Address: 

Get Involved

There are numerous PTH opportunities for you to get involved in and earn your PIP hours (Parent Involvement Program) at the same time. Examples include: Arts Programs, Athletics Program (fundraising excluded), Campus Maintenance, Classroom Assistance, School and PTH Fundraisers, Library, PTH Program (attend meetings, Room parent, board positions), School Functions and Special Talents/Skills. Volunteer opportunities are always advertised in the weekly school newsletter sent home on Tuesdays.

To see a detailed list of the school activities that count toward PIP hours see the PTH Handbook. But there are three easy ways to get involved right away:

  • 2023-2024 Room Parent
  • 2023-2024 Auction Committee Member
  • 2023-2024 PTH Event Leads

Program, Projects and Events Funded by PTH

Hope PTH works in partnership with the school to fund many of the programs that extend our children’s learning beyond the classroom and allow kids to explore their strengths, develop new skills and enrich their lives.

To do this we fundraise every year. The fundraisers PTH sponsor throughout each year are vitally important to our vibrant school. Your participation is critical to the success of the PTH in funding programs, resources and services that will enrich and maximize the education of every child and to benefit our school.

Our annual fundraising budget for regular PTH programs and events is $40,000.00.  Additional funds for enhancements such as new playground equipment, curriculum or other updates that support the school are funded by our Annual Auction.

The PTH funds the following (annually unless noted otherwise):

  • After School Athletic Program
  • Art
  • Back to School Day- Ice Cream Social
  • Classroom Parties
  • Coaching Stipends
  • Donuts with Grownups Social
  • Drama
  • Eighth Grade Graduation Award
  • Eighth Grade Reception
  • Family Movie Night
  • First Day of School –Boohoo/Yahoo Social
  • Glee
  • Grandparent’s Day
  • L.E.S.T. Enhancements
  • (Lutheran Elementary Schools Tournament)
  • Library
  • Middle School Dance
  • Middle School Electives
  • Music Program, including choir and hand bells
  • NILD/Resource
  • Pacific Science Center Van (every other year)
  • Parent Education Talks
  • Physical Education (K-8)
  • PTH Bank Charges
  • School Technology fees (computers)
  • Tall and Small Ball
  • Teacher Classroom
  • Enhancements (PK3 – 8th)
  • Teacher Educational Development
  • Teacher’s Appreciation Week
  • Technology Lab (1st– 8th)
  • West Seattle Parade