School Uniforms

All students in grades K through 8 are required to wear a uniform except on designated free dress days (first and third Fridays of the month). The uniform plaid may be purchased from Lands End. The plaid is not required. Other uniform items such as shirts, shorts, pants and skorts can also be purchased at Lands’ End and provide a listing of required uniform styles for Hope Lutheran School. Uniforms may be purchased from other retailers other than Dennis Uniform Company or Lands’ End (such as Target, Old Navy or French Toast), but must closely follow the school uniform guidelines or the styles already designated for Hope Lutheran School on the Lands’ End web site.

To view the approved uniform styles at Lands’ End click here and enter our school number: 900147711

Uniform and Personal Appearance Policy: K-8

The purpose of the Uniform and Personal Appearance Policy is to ensure that the students of Hope Lutheran School are neat, clean and well groomed for success at school. Uniform dress promotes school spirit and an improved self-image, while reducing the distraction of competition and emphasis on clothing or financial status. Uniform dress further identifies students as members of the school community and fosters a spirit of cooperation and participation. Students in grades K through 8 are required to be in uniform at all times except on designated free dress days, typically the first and third Fridays of each month. It is the responsibility of students and parents/guardians to ensure that students are dressed in accordance with this policy.


Hair must be of a modest style, a natural color, and groomed. Any piercing must be limited to the ear piercing only. Any other body piercing (nose, tongue, eyebrow, etc. including ear gauges) will require the student to remove the article of jewelry immediately.


Lands’ End apparel provides a listing of required uniform styles for Hope Lutheran School. Uniforms may be purchased from other vendors, but must closely follow the styles designated for Hope Lutheran on the Lands’ End website. The Lands’ End Classic Navy plaid skirts, skorts or jumpers is the only plaid accepted at Hope. No other plaids are acceptable. Our school number is 900147711.

The following guidelines apply to both uniform and free dress days.

  • Clothing must cover the area from one armpit across to the other armpit, down to the fingertip length when arms are extended. All clothing must be neat, clean, and in good condition.
  • Clothing must fit the child appropriately. This means clothing is not too small, nor is it worn several sizes too large. Room for growth is acceptable. Pants/shorts/skirts should be worn at the waist.
  • Undergarments may not be visible.
  • Undershirts must be plain white and may not be visible (may not extend past the bottom of the uniform shirt or uniform sleeves but may be seen at the neckline).



  • Students must wear either a basic polo shirt or turtleneck in white or navy blue, or a simple white button-up shirt.
  • Shirts may be short or long sleeved.
  • Shirts must be solid colored with no striping or logos with the exception of the Hope Lutheran School logo.

Sweatshirts and Sweaters:

  • Students may wear any sweatshirts with the Hope logo, including L.E.S.T and athletic team sweatshirts.
  • A uniform polo shirt must be worn underneath all sweatshirts or sweaters.
  • Basic navy blue sweaters, sweater vests and cardigans are acceptable.
  • Students in 8th grade only may wear the school sweatshirt of their chosen high school upon acceptance to high school, which typically occurs in February and March


All uniform bottoms must be either navy blue or khaki.  Skirts and jumpers may also be classic navy plaid available at Lands’ End. 


  • Navy pants fabric must be chino, knit, corduroy, or broadcloth.
  • Khaki pants fabric must be chino, knit, corduroy, broadcloth, or denim fabric.
  • Back pockets are permitted, with no contrasting stitching and minimal design.
  • Basic capri pants are permitted.
  • Pants may be pleated or flat front and must be solid colored with no stripes or decorations.
  • Cargo-pocketed/pockets on legs-type pants are not permitted.


  • Shorts/skirts/jumpers must be made of basic chino fabric, corduroy fabric, or knit fabric.
  • Shorts/skirts/jumpers must be no shorter than the student’s fingertip length when arms are extended and must not extend below the knee.


  • Shoes must have a back strap and a low heel to ensure students are able to actively play safely at recess and PE. Athletic shoes are encouraged. The following types of shoes are not permitted: open toe, slip-on shoes (i.e. clogs, mules, flip-flops, Crocs, slippers/moccasins),  shoes with a wheel inserted in the sole, and combat and steel toe boots.
  • All tights, leggings, or shorts worn under skirts must be solid navy or white in color, with no visible logos, images, or words.
  • All accessories including jewelry, headbands, and socks should be simple and should not cause a distraction to self or others. No extreme jewelry is permitted.
  • Outerwear (jackets, sweatshirts without a Hope logo, vests, mittens/gloves, hats) are to be removed upon arrival at school and are for outside use only.


The first and third Friday of every month have been designated as free dress days. In addition to the general uniform guidelines listed above, the following policy guidelines apply to all free dress days:

  • Clothing must meet all length requirements of the Uniform Policy.
  • Pants or leggings should have back pockets unless a skirt or shorts are covering them.
  • No pajamas or pajama pants unless it is a unless it is a pajama spirit day.
  • No tank tops of any kind should be worn without a sleeved shirt underneath (shoulders must be covered). Cap sleeves are acceptable; “cold-shoulder” sleeves are not acceptable. No mesh or see-through clothing is allowed.
  • Shorts and skirts should be no shorter than the student’s fingertip length when arms are extended, including athletic shorts.
  • Small rips, frays or tears in pants are allowed but must be located below the fingertip length requirement and no larger than 3 inches across in any direction as measured when flat. Students may seek out a teacher or principal for guidance on defining “small” if needed.
  • Shoes, accessories and outerwear guidelines for uniform days apply, except for tights color.
  • Hats are allowed to be worn on free dress days although hats are to be removed during chapel services.


Students are encouraged to ask a teacher or staff person for guidance prior to wearing a clothing item they are uncertain about. Students who arrive at school not in dress code for either regular uniform day or free dress day will need to change clothing. If the student does not have a change of clothing on hand, a gently-used clean school uniform will be provided and parents will be notified. A second occurrence of arriving not in dress code will additionally result in loss of the following free dress opportunity. A third occurrence will additionally result in a missed recess for grades K-2, and a detention for grades 3-8. Any further occurrences will result in an individualized action plan which could include a loss of free dress privileges for the remainder of the year.