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Hope School has enjoyed over 60 years in West Seattle educating 100’s of students, many of which have sent their children to Hope for their education. Opened in September 1959 with an enrollment of 88 students (kindergarten to fifth grade), the school had always been a primary objective of the congregation since 1923, and after several financial setbacks and scarcity of building materials due to World War II, the vision finally became reality and has been going strong ever since.

Hope is not just a place to learn to read, write essays, solve algebra problems and conduct science experiments; it is a family. As an alum, you are a part of that family, the memories created and the life lessons learned on which your faith and lives are built. The roots of Hope run deep, and the lifelong friendships, the inspiring lessons, or the caring influence of a teacher may still impact your life today.

We want to keep these relationships and memories alive. Whether you want to reconnect with the school, host a class reunion, volunteer your time with our current students, get in touch with a former classmate or teacher, donate in some way, or just visit us, let us know! We’d love to hear what you have been doing and take a tour down memory lane. Contact us at:

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