The Eagle Excellence Fund

Why Give?

“Back in the 80’s & 90’s I went to school at Hope Lutheran Elementary and Middle School. I was a bit of a wild child and it was through the grace of God and the support of Hope’s caring teachers (and community of families) that brought me through it. After Hope, I went to Seattle Lutheran High School in 1992. I recall the transition from Hope Lutheran education to high school curriculum as seamless and simple. Now, 30+ years later, I have my two sons enrolled in the same grade levels as I was attending Hope during the late 80’s. My wife and I initially had our sons enrolled in Seattle Public Schools, but in the chaos of the pandemic lockdowns, we found our home back at Hope Lutheran School & Church. Prior to Hope Lutheran School, I felt that the public school system was doing a pretty good job educating my Kindergartener & 2nd grader. But when they transitioned to Hope Lutheran for 1st & 3rd grade, the teachers told us that my sons were almost a full year behind what the Hope students had been learning. The teachers put forth an exceptional effort to make sure our sons were caught up with the other kids. Now, multiple years after having been integrated into Hope School, they are at the top of their classes. A successful program always comes back to the leadership. And I’ll tell you right now, the principal, Kristen Okabayashi, is a force that will no doubt lead the school to produce top level scholars and athletes for many, many years. And the supporting staff and teachers are second to none.

Go Eagles!”

Drew DeVry, Hope Parent & Alumni

Give to Eagle Excellence – Giving Day November 28, 2023

This fund provides resources for five critical areas of excellence at Hope: Academics, Staff, Technology, Student Life, and Affordability.


Invest in Rigorous Curriculum & Innovative Learning Strategies

  • Provide relevant curriculum promoting hands-on learning and a Christian worldview
  • Equip teachers with innovative tools to help every student succeed


Attract, Train, and Retain the Best Christian Educators

  • Offer competitive wages to attract and retain Seattle’s best educators
  • Ensure teachers can afford to remain at hope and build strong connections with current and future students/families


Provide Cutting-Edge Technology for Students and Staff

  • Invest in Makerspace materials which allow students to solve real-world problems through innovation
  • Offer a state-of-the-art computer lab with 3-D printers, one-to-one iPads, interactive white boards, and personal computers in every classroom

Student Life

Support the Development of the Whole Child

  • Offer a wide array of extracurricular activities which promote health in body, mind and spirit
  • Create opportunities for students to discover their passions and use their God-given gifts through participation in chapel, athletics, music, art, leadership, and more


Ensure a Hope Education is Affordable for Every Family

  • Minimize tuition increases and maximize excellence and value for every family
  • Provide tuition assistance for students who are a good fit for our Hope family but might not otherwise be able to to attend


Join us by making a gift

To make a gift to the Eagle Excellence Fund:

  • Contact Principal Kristin Okabayashi at
  • Mail your gift to: Hope Lutheran School, 4456 42nd Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116