School Closure Information

Please review the below information regarding weather closures, emergency procedures and safety drills for Hope School.

Weather Closures

There are times during the winter when school will be delayed or canceled due to inclement weather. Safety is always our main concern. If you feel conditions are not safe in your area, do not transport your child(ren) to school until it is safe to do so. If we feel conditions are dangerous enough to warrant a delay, or a complete school closure, we will notify families by providing school closure/late start information by 6:30AM through:

  • A voice message sent to all families (non-emergency) through SmartSend Pro in GradeLink.
  • Text message through GradeLink
  • The local TV stations: KOMO (4), KING (5), and KIRO (7).
  • Our Facebook page
  • Our website (

Emergency Procedures

We are prepared to care for your child in times of a critical situation. In the event of an emergency, we ask parents to follow these procedures:

• Please do not call the school. We must keep lines open for emergency service if needed. A SchoolReach message will be sent to phone numbers on the registration phone list. It is very important that you maintain updated phone numbers with the school office so that you can be contacted in the event of an emergency.

• An emergency center will be set up and will be the pick-up point for you to take custody of your child. Only persons designated on the child’s registration form will be able to pick up your child. This will allow us to keep track of all children. There will be signs directing you to this emergency center.

• The school maintains emergency supplies in several locations throughout the school. Adequate food, water and necessary supplies are kept for all students.

• No student will be dismissed unless a parent (or individual designated on the registration form) comes for him or her.

Safety Drills

Hope Lutheran practices the following safety drills to ensure the safety of students:

Fire Drills

Fire drills are conducted each month. Students are given instructions about procedures and behavior expected during these drills. Fire exit procedures are posted in each classroom. Students are to follow the instructions of their teacher and exit the building in a quiet and orderly manner.

Earthquake Drills

Earthquake drills are conducted twice a year. Students are asked to follow the response procedures posted in each classroom and as explained by the teacher. The school has an earthquake disaster preparedness plan in the school office.

Emergency Lock-Downs

Emergency lock-down drills are practiced twice a year. For safety, the only school door that remains unlocked to the outside is the front door, which can be monitored from the office. In case of an intruder or potential danger from outside the school, the office will signal teachers using an office alarm and/or phone system. The front door and all interior doors will be locked. Blinds will be lowered on the first floor and students will be instructed to go to a part of the room where they are not visible from interior hallways.