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Welcome to PE 2018!

We have had a great start to the new year and the kids are responding really well to the dynamic of having a new PE teacher for this school year!

We have already gone through 2 units since the beginning of the school year for the 3-8th grade students with football and soccer being those units. They are now finishing up with Physical fitness testing and they will be bringing home their test results sometime in the next week or so. Next up will be our basketball unit that will take us through till Christmas Break.


K-2nd grade in the meantime have started out the year by learning new gross motor movement skills and learning new and fun tag games and how our hearts, lungs, and muscles grow when we work out and use our bodies actively! With the weather starting to turn we have moved indoors and are in the middle of our cup-stacking unit which is a great eye/hand coordination activity that helps promote cross-brain connectivity. 2nd grade has already had some good classroom team battles going head to head with each other in games.


Stay tuned for more updates soon!


Mr. Goodspeed