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Pandemic/Mid-Winter Break Travel Update

Many of us are arriving at the “fatigue” stage of the pandemic, and yet we appreciate your continued focus on maintaining protocols. At Hope, we continue to see very low levels of potential COVID-19 symptoms in students, and have not had any additional positive cases. We are thankful for that! With COVID-19 rates in our area on a downward trend since Christmas, we have much to be thankful for.

As a result, we feel that we can support the current Phase 2 guidelines under the governor’s Healthy Washington – Roadmap to Recovery. As you are planning any upcoming athletics, clubs, travel, or social events, these are the guidelines we require for your student to remain in the in-person learning model:

  • Out of state travel: two week quarantine upon return home
  • In-state travel: no quarantine needed as long as protocols are followed
  • Indoor gatherings: Maximum of 5 people from outside the household; limit 2 households
  • Outdoor gatherings: Maximum of 15 people from outside the household; limit 2 households
  • Indoor recreation: low and moderate sports are okay (no tournaments)
  • Outdoor sports: low, moderate, and high risk sports are allowed (no tournaments)

If you have any additional questions, please give us a call at the school office (206) 935-8500 or email Kristen Okabayashi Thanks for all you are doing to help us remain open as a school!