I Am Thankful For….

November being the month of Thankfulness, I have been enjoying reading the posts on Facebook from those who have been posting what they are most thankful for. I haven’t posted my own list, but I found myself in church on Sunday feeling a huge sense of gratitude and gratefulness for the community at Hope church and school. So here is my list.

I love seeing so many familiar faces every Sunday that know my family and “do life” with us as well as seeing new visiting faces.

I love that my kids receive a rigorous education AND a strong spiritual foundation all week long.

I love hearing their voices singing songs they learned in church and teaching them to my youngest, Joshua.

I am thankful for chapel and the goodness and magic I experience there.

I love my job in admissions, and my favorite part is giving tours to potential families. I love showing them our classrooms full of excited kids and compassionate, smart teachers.

I love that our student council students introduce themselves to visiting families, and in turn, these families walk away amazed by their poise and initiative.

I love walking into classrooms and receiving hugs and hellos from students and my own kids (they still hug me!).

I’m grateful for the staff, especially Mrs. Okabayashi and Shari Wallace for their continued support and encouragement as well as the many parent volunteers who have given their encouragement, volunteered their time and baked cookies to help with all the open houses so that we can show others our great school.

Most of all, I am grateful for my family and the place that we have found here to grow and flourish.

Quite simply, I am grateful for Hope.