Minutes from 1st General PTH Meeting

Hope Minutes 10/8/14


Board Members in Attendance:

Meagan, Sonjia, Beth, Wendy, Sarah, Ericka, Carol


  • Sarah’s report

$23,000 in checking account / $2000 income / $4000 expenses for teachers

If you have questions regarding the budget, email Sarah


  • Voted last meeting to add on drama elective

$2000 for the drama elective teacher / $650 for 5th Avenue Theater for younger grades


  • Principal’s report

Ipads-2 years research / Ordered in June and received before school started

Thank you to Mr. Jones for getting that organized

Middle school 1:1 adoption / Lower grades 2 per class


  • Lunch program

Common time in fellowship hall – all grades / Going very smoothly / Kids get to leave their classroom / Teachers get a lunch break / Still need help, especially during recess time


  • Boys bathroom

Many issues / Finished 2 weeks after school started / Fun run money will go to cover overages


  • New staff

Janice Lehmann spanish

Sashia Barwick in preschool PE K-4

Kris Kunkel middle school


  • Fun run

Orange ruler – organization helping us run it / They generate enthusiasm

Many prizes along the way to encourage participation for getting donations

They do take a % of profit, but they provide all the prizes and organization

Is it worth it? In one day $3365. It is so easy for people to donate.

Money goes to bus and covering the bathroom overages


  • Seaside conferenceDivide into age groups / Talked about challenges and winsWeather amazing / Good time had by all
  • Speaker discussed adultitis – how to still have fun?
  • Thank you for taking the days off
  • Upcoming events

Next week Savvy Parent speaker / Child safety/internet safety – A few local incidences so offering resources for parents / Tuesday 6pm / K-5 mostly, but applicable for middle school as well


  • President’s report

Ordered safety whistles with hope logo / Fundraiser but also raising awareness for incidences going on


  • 2nd quarter

Believe fund catalog orders in time for Christmas

December – Wreaths and trees – looking for someone to do this

Lori offered her backyard / Need new tree vendor


  • 3/4th quarter

Possible middle school dance

Art walk fundraiser at high school

Bringing artist in residence back to do art project with kids

Marie Tornow and one other want to run it and are coming up with themes

This is our off year item to raise money


  • Restaurant Night

PTH able to use pizzeria 22 for fundraising event


  • Cathy Tom Lehmann

Box tops update $250 / Fall campaign monopoly sheets / Drawing for prizes


  • Labels for education

Sheets went out for turn in 9/30 but can still turn in by Friday, 10/10

50 extra bonus points for certain labels / labels for education 14,000 point

Hopefully approaching 20,000 points


  • Scrip update

Gift cards at a discount / Easy fundraiser / Order form to order them specific stores / $2000-$3000 a year for PTH, typically / could sell on Sundays during church hours / running the library / Ann Kendall will take over figuring out online part


  • eScrip

Register all your cards and school gets percentage


  • Amazon smile

Purchase through this site and school gets %


  • Lunchroom

Suggestion to get better tables- easier to move


  • Suggested moving auction to fall to get funding back in order

Move fun run in the spring / Need auction chairs for this to move this idea forward

Having a company run it is one idea because demographic of parents has changed with both parents working


  • Budget – staying inside

If we find something we want to do then we find a fundraiser


Closes at 6:43pm