Box Tops Help Build Trike Shed for Preschool

IMG_1396Ever wonder what all those Box Tops for Education are used for that you clip from some of your favorite product packaging? Schools across the country collect and submit Box Tops to earn money to enhance classroom learning in the form of extracurricular programs or equipment. At Hope, all the box tops that our students, families and church members collect throughout the year are earmarked for the preschool program.

This year former preschool Sea Star aid, Carol Christian, built a beautiful trike shed for the preschool. Carol subs periodically at Hope and offered her amazing carpentry talents to help “class-up” our Preschool garden area. Carol graciously gave of her time, design talents and hard work to the project, but the supplies to build the shed were covered by Box Top funds. Students now have a “garage” in which to park their trikes and bikes and hang their helmets safe from the weather. Now that the bikes can be safely tucked away, there is more room for play and other fun activities.

Thank you to everyone that has been clipping box tops to help out our preschool program and to our parent volunteers who count the Box Tops and organize the Box Top sheets that come home on Tuesdays. When you have a chance come by the Preschool garden and take a look at the new shed!

BoxTops To learn more about the Box Top for Education program, click here.