Muddy Fun :)


Just a quick heads up…
We do have outside garden time in the afternoon and I want to introduce to you ( with a happy teacher heart) that the kiddos REALLY love playing in the dirt and sometimes…. MUD!!!! It is a part of sensory for them and stimulates natural learning. We introduced a little bit of water into our sand box area today and they came up with a really cool “water park” for the animals…how cool!!! Did we get dirty/muddy? YES! Just a little. So, please feel free to bring in extra clothes and boots (we have a few extra pairs) and we can leave them in their cubbies if we get a little extra sensory driven in the water/mud. Teachers love to see this 🙂 but if you are not comfortable with this part of our day please talk to me and I will make sure we are all on the same page or “same different page” lol!!!! We are here to serve your child and furthermore, your family :).
Nature/sensory is teaching them so many skills! It is so important for these guys!!!
God bless you all and keep you tonight 🙂
Mrs. Seraile