Giving Thanks

by Christina Figgins, Preschool Teacher and Director

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, we’ve been talking a lot in preschool class about what we are thankful for as we go through the day. Our Sea Stars class has shared the following:

  • When Mom or Dad say goodbye, we are thankful for 1, 2, 3 or 4 hugs.
  • When we are playing in the classroom and we only have two toy fire trucks, we are
    thankful for the sand timer to remind us to take turns.
  • When we are at circle time and our bodies want to wiggle, a lot, we are thankful
    for freeze dancing and jumping.
  • When we go outside and the slide is wet, we are thankful that Vivi always goes down first and dries it
  • When we are playing in the cool new sandbox that Mrs. Christian built, we are thankful for the awesome mountain of new sand to climb on.
  • When we are running on the black top and fall, we are thankful for Band-Aids and ice packs.
  • When we are working on an art project, we are thankful that Mrs. Figgins likes glitter.
  • When we have accidents, we are thankful for borrowing clothes.
  • When we get ready for snack, we are thankful for God and we tell him with the Superman
  • When we have had a full day of playing, and trying our best to use the Fruits of the Spirit, we are thankful to be picked up by Mom or Dad.

That’s a pretty typical day in preschool, and I could not be more thankful for our students and families!