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Jonathan Kopecky, Youth Pastor

Jonathan Kopecky, Youth Minister

Hope Lutheran Church Youth Program

All middle school and high school youth are invited to attend our weekly youth groups directed by Jonathan Kopecky, Youth Minister: Please email him or call the church office at 206-937-9330 for more information.

Journey: A Confirmation Experience – For youth entering 7th and 8th grade; however, it is not limited to this age group.  We hope Confirmation is more than information about the Bible.  We hope confirmation is a life changing event. Journey is about learning to pursue Jesus throughout the rest of their life, partner with a mentor and learn to pursue their faith throughout their life.  If your student has not been confirmed and would like to do so, contact Jonathan.

A few notes for you…

RüT  – 7PM -[6th grade thru 8th grade]-
-We meet from 7-8:30pm, on WEDNESDAYS
-RüT is on Wednesday nights 7-8:30 and is designed for 6th-8th graders where we worship, have bible study and play games.
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oFOUR2 -[9th grade thru 12th grade]
oFOUR2 is on Sunday nights 8-9pm and is designed for high school students, where we are challenge, grow and pursue Jesus together with worship, bible study and games.
-Our gatherings will always be in theSAFE, unless otherwise noted – located on the Oregon Street entrance, up the stairs on the left.
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Twitter: HopeSeattleYM, oregon42nd

Instagram: HopeSeattleMS, HopeSeattleHS

Facebook: Hopeseattleym